“So What’s It All About?”

It’s about Money!

Probably only one person I know is going to get that obscure reference but it’ll make them chuckle and as far as I’m concerned, that’s me off to a good start.

Anyway, the point of the blog for anyone reading this is that I plan on reviewing stuff. It’s going to do exactly what it says on the tin! Stuart will review ‘stuff’.

But the reason for it is that at the end of every year, when I discuss with my friends what films and tv shows I enjoyed throughout that year, my memory gets pretty patchy. So I want to keep a note of my thoughts on the films and TV shows I watch, the console games I play, and even the football matches I attend. It’ll help me remember and act as a reminder of what I need to watch again, and indeed, what I should never waste my time with for the rest of my life (and I’m looking at you ‘Assassain in the Limelight’).

So while it helps me, it might also help anyone else reading this. You might learn for example that Crackdown 2 is a terrific game but can be completed in the space of about 3 days, making it a ‘rental only’ game, or that despite it possibly being considered ‘old hat’, I Claudius is something everyone should take the time to watch.

Plus I’m bound to stray off topic and go on the occasional rant about what pisses me off in life.

And if I’m only speaking to myself, then it’s everyone else’s loss!



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