Film Review: Friends With Benefits (or ‘Oh isn’t New York just so bloody terrific’)

Before going to see the film Friends with Benefits, I suspected it might be one of these ‘meta’ romantic comedies where the characters are aware of romantic comedies and vow that their lives aren’t/can’t/won’t/shouldn’t be like that, only for them to end up falling in love like in all romantic comedies.

In this particular case, I suspected that having initially forming a relationship based on ‘no strings’ sex, they eventually fall for each other.

I was right.

End of review.

Actually…no it’s not. I planned for that to be the end of the review, but there’s a couple of issues I want to highlight which have almost nothing to do with the main characters.

For one thing, it’s another one of these films that rams down your throat how wonderful New York is. In fact, that’s the basis for the first half hour of the film – “Isn’t New York Great”. Why do so many films do that? New York seems to have the biggest insecurity complex going. From what I’ve gleamed off watching TV and films people from New York seem to think being from New York is a personality trait; that it defines them. It’s like English people who think being ‘from the North’ makes them who they are. I’ve never understood that. But then maybe that’s because I’m from Dundee.

And secondly, this film has the second worst representation of Alzheimers disease I’ve ever seen in film or TV. The worst of course is the case of Mike Baldwin from Coronation Street, whose Alzheimers was so disrespectful and unbelievable (he ended up dying agony from Alzheimers in the middle of a street, which makes no sense) that it made my mum – a viewer of at least 30 years – turn off for good.

In this case, it perpetuates this myth about Alzheimers that a standard side effect of the disease is that otherwise normal people take their clothes off in public. What a load of crap.

Should You Go And See Friends With Benefits

Even though it was utterly predictable, it was still a watchable film. I don’t think I ever laughed, which kind of defeats the point of a romantic ‘comedy’, but it was still a reasonably enjoyable watch. Both lead actors do a decent job, and I’m sure the prospect of seeing Mila Kunis flaunting around in a state of near undress for large portions of the film will have every Amit Bose, Alan Hunter and Di Canio (i.e. wannabee Lad McLads) up and down the country eager to see it.


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