Underwater Menace 2 and Galaxy Four 3 Found!

As you might have gathered from the lack of updates to the blog over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been away from my PC.

In fact, I’m currently stateside on holiday in Orlando and typing away on my phone.

But even half way around the world news reached me today of the recovery of not one but two missing 60s Dr Who episodes – Galaxy Four episode 3 and Underwater Menace episode 2.

If you haven’t already read my review of Galaxy Four, read it in shrink below, but if you have you’ll know that my opinion of the story was tempered by the lack of existing footage. The 5 minutes of surviving film from episode 1 showed that it was a very visual piece that just didn’t work as a telesnap reconstruction. So I’m delighted that a full episode has been found, and once I see it i’ll go back and revise my review.


As for the Underwater Menace, you know I adore episode 3 so to have episode 2 back is a bonus. And it also means we get to see Zaroff’s laboratory and possibly even his pet octopus. Result!


The fact that two episodes have turned up in December 2011 proves that you really can never say never. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have preferred an episode of The Myth Makers, or one from the Thought Monster season but beggars can’t be choosers.

So let’s enjoy the return of these episodes and hope for more to come!


One Response to Underwater Menace 2 and Galaxy Four 3 Found!

  1. Zaphod says:

    I am glad that these episodes have turned up. I look forward to seeing them.
    I hope that you have a good time in Florida.
    Best regards.

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