Stuart’s Week in Entertainment Feb 27th – Mar 4th

As a new addition for the blog, I thought I’d do a summary of the shows I watch and games I play on a week-by-week basis. It’ll be for my benefit but some of you might find it interesting.


Having got the boxed set just after Christmas, I finally finished off Dad’s Army this week. The show featured in my article on Under-Appreciated TV shows that you can find here. Sadly, the final series would have qualified for my article on shows that should have known when to call it a day.

By the Ninth Series, many of the lead actors were either failing in their health or simply becoming too old to play their roles. John Le Mesurier had been ill in the year and a bit since the previous series ended and looked like a frail

Poor old John Le Mesurier - he looks like he's been exhumed

ghost, while Arnold Ridley’s Godfrey appeared sporadically at best, and when he did speak he was largely unintelligible. I know that sounds harsh but it’s true. And the episodes themselves weren’t up to much either. The first episode was alright, but the next 4 were dreadful – barely a laugh in them as they descended into slapstick farce.

Still, the writers pulled it together and the show went out on a high. The final episode – Never Too Old – had plenty of laughs, good characterisation and a poignant conclusion. What came immediately before it may have sullied the Dad’s Army name, but the last episode was a fitting end to one of the best British Comedies of all time.

Other than that, I’ve been keeping up with Parks & Recreation and a relatively new comedy discovery, Happy Endings.

I’ve written about the former before, and it continues to impress with the Leslie Knoppe Running For Office storyline, but I’ve really been enjoying Happy Endings. With a strong cast bolstered by a well-known actress like Elisha Cuthbert, it’s nicely performed and crucially, well written too.

But what’s been taking up most of my TV time this week is Friday Night Lights. An American drama about a Sports Team and the lives of the people in it – what’s not to love? Think One Tree Hill when it was about basketball rather than the sickening story of the wonderful lives of the most talented group of friends in the world.

I’ve just started on Season 2 having polished off the first in reasonably short order. It’s been great so far, and as a fan of Scottish Football, I have to say I think the American Sports system works so much better. The idea of a whole town rooting for the one team appears to have far more going for it than the disjointed and fragmented support base for clubs you see in every town and city in the UK.

It also stars the guy who was the lead actor in Early Edition. Does anyone remember that? The show where the cat brings the guy tomorrow’s newspaper? I’ll have to track down the DVD boxed set.

In other news, my brother has tried to get me to watch some of Season 6 of Lost with him. Aye right. Never did a show fall so far as that one. I still resent the crappy payoff…


As for games; well my watching of FNL has urged me to try to play more of Madden NFL for the 360. I want to be able to understand American Football, and that show has done that to an extent, but the problem is that I don’t actually know anything about the real NFL teams, so stuff like Franchise Mode is as lost on me as the Career Mode on FIFA 12 probably is to an American. I need to persuade a friend of mine to get Madden himself so we can get some

A score of over 201,000,000 on this Pinball FX table has seen me mount a vast lead over my gaming rival, Kevin Corstorphine. Get it up you Kevin!

online games on the go.

Speaking of FIFA 12, the new roster update is out with the January Transfer Window updates and my team – Dundee United – seems to have been weakened slightly. While Gary Mackay Steven has been given a boost, others like Johnny Russell don’t seem quite as good. If you’re looking for a team to play as online though, try Belgium.

Beyond that, I’ve been playing some racing games. I’ve dabbled with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, which is alright, but a little bit samey, and I’ve also picked up the critically acclaimed and super-cheap Xbox Live Indie Game, Little Racers – Street, which is a game like the old Micro Machines franchise, has online Multiplayer and is available for around ¬£1. Well worth a purchase.

To finish, I also managed to get a score of around 200 million on the Ms ‘Splosion Man table on Pinball FX 2.

Take that, Kevin Corstorphine!


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