Stuart’s Week in Entertainment March 19-25 (Britain’s Got Talent, Prison Break, English Football and Stick Stunt Racer)


First up this week is the return of one of those shows that people like to ‘Status Boost Moan’ about. You know what I mean – the sort of show that will instantly get people up-in-arms and starting threads on internet forums to say how much they hate it, yet they probably secretly watch it anyway.

That show is of course Britain’s Got Talent.

BGT is apparently ‘television for idiots’, although I’ve never understood why and I’m still waiting for the people who say that to qualify the remark. Yes, it’s as mainstream as mainstream gets and it’s fronted by the ‘nasty’ Simon Cowell, but I enjoy this show from start to finish.

This year has started off very well, with two acts that are probably better than anyone who made the finals last year – The Welsh Vocal Choir and Hurley from Lost & his bustypal. Both acts boast incredibly strong singers but unfortunately

Hurley - tearing it up on Britain's Got Talent

for us viewers, both also have sob stories. The Welsh boys sing because if they don’t they’ll end up in the workhouses or something like that, and Hurley is Paul Potts & Susan Boyle rolled into one.

What I did like though was that he immediately quashed any plans the judges may have had to remove his mate from the equation. Good on him.

BGT’s sister show, More Talent, also had some decent acts, but only from the comical standpoint. If you can track it down, try to find the video of the Frank Butcher-esque Rapper – it’ll raise a smile.

Having had quite a busy week, the only other show I’ve had any time to watch is Prison Break, which I’ve started watching again with my brother.

The greatness of Prison Break is in direct contrast to the quality of the lead actors. While the show entertains, part of that entertainment comes from how bad an actor Wentworth Miller is. He just stares at people and speaks in a monotone voice. Is that acting? I don’t think so. Dominic Purcell looks like a Derek Jacobi in comparison, and that’s saying something, because Purcell is also shit.

At the moment I’m only a little bit into the first season, but having watched it all before, I know I’m going to be entertained. That entertainment will take a momentary holiday when we get to Season Three though.


A bit of a different approach to the Football section this week as I was down in England for a work summit for Sports Interactive, makers of the Award Winning Football Manager series of games (as some of you will know, I’m the Head Researcher for Scotland for the game).

What was interesting what that I took in a couple of English football matches. As we’re all told often enough, English football is amazing compared to Scottish football, so I was interested to see the difference in standard in the flesh.

The first game was Reading vs Blackpool – a top of the table clash in the English Championship. Overall it was a decent game including a great individual goal by Blackpool striker Lomana Lualua, but to say that this game involved a higher standard of player to a decent SPL side would be folly, especially considering so many of those players have played in the SPL before.

The next game was the Final of the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy between Chesterfield and Swindon Town. Words cannot describe how poor this game was. I’m a strong believer that you can have a great match at any level of football in the world, but this game seemed determined to want to disprove my theory.

I think the problem was that the players were trying to do things – be it was tricks, killer passes or bicycle kicks – that were beyond their level of ability, and so the match was a bona fide dud.

Once again Scottish Football fans, let’s think slightly higher of our own game in terms of the quality of entertainment on offer; because things are not necessarily that much better down south.


Not much time for gaming this week what with being away for much of it, but one game I did end up playing a lot on my travels was Stick Stunt Racer on the Android (one would assume it will be on iOS too).

Think of this game like Trails HD in the graphical style of N+ and you’ve got a good idea what this one is all about. Easily controlled with one thumb for acceleration and the other thumb for the brakes, this is a simple and yet absorbing game – available in both a free Lite version and a deeper paid one – that will keep you busy on the go.

Next Week

It’s Wrestlemania this Sunday. So far the build up has been a bit shaky. Will the show live up to the hype? Come back next week to find out.


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