Stuart’s Week in Entertainment: April 2-8 (Game of Thrones, WWE Raw, The Apprentice, BGT and Draw Something)

Some people may be wondering why there has been an absence of Film Reviews lately. The reason for that is simple – there hasn’t been anything worth seeing. Essentially I paid Cineworld £15 last month for no reason whatsoever. Later on this month The Avengers is released and you know I’ll be going to that, but apart from that I’m not sure what else there is on the horizon.


As for TV though, there have been a few things worth discussing.

WWE Raw followed on from Wrestlemania brilliantly. Creatively it was fantastic, with the shock return of Brock Lesnar, the re-debut of Lord Tensai, the Rock’s promise to return to win the WWE Title and the CM Punk vs Mark Henry match all hitting the spot. Crucially too the crowd were amazing. Just like in football, if you’ve got a hot crowd we are engrossed with what they are watching and making a load of noise it improves the whole spectacle. So the crowd were enjoying it? To borrow from them…YES, YES, YES, YES!!! (I can hear you groaning).

One show I don’t usually watch but gave a shot to last week was The Apprentice on BBC1. I liked it but with the exception of Nick Hewer, I didn’t like the people. The sort of people who go on The Apprentice are – to be blunt – arseholes. The guy who was eliminated was hopeless.

Booooooooooooooooooo!!!!! It's Bill Kim - the most loathsome character in Television History

I mean, he had the opportunity to sell at 4p under their self-imposed bottom price but didn’t and so ended up not selling any of them. Useless. And his excuse? That old chestnut about how he ‘didn’t have the education some of the other candidates had’. That sort of nonsense has always wound me up. Classic inverse snobbery. No, you may not have had the same education as other, but that’s not their fault, and you shouldn’t be compensated for that. Anyway, Alan Sugar thankfully told him that was irrelevant and good on him.

Incidentally, before that guy spoke with his ‘Apples & Pears’ Cockney accent, I was sure he must have been a Glaswegian. He certainly had the ‘Weegie Bone Structure’. And does anyone else wonder what Karen Brady would look like without make-up? Not that it matters of course, but she looks like her entire face is painted on…clumsily.

Britain’s Got Talent continued this week, and I have to say I’m quite disappointed by it. It’s supposed to be a Variety Show but almost every act that they have showcased has been a singer. And while some of them are good, I’d rather see other ‘talents’ on display on this show with the singers being left to the X Factor.

In terms of the judges, while I like David Walliams (and believe me when I say I’m shocked about that) I can’t say the same about Alesha Dixon. She represents the very problem I’ve just mentioned; she seems only interested in singers and dancers. And she laughs like a fishwife.

This week also saw the return of the (presumably) award-winning Game of Thrones. Not too much of consequence happened, other than there being some rather off-putting scenes with babies getting their throats slit.

Really, it was just a continuation of what has come before. The midget who we’re all supposed to fawn over because he’s a decent actor who just so happens to be afflicted by dwarfism was as well spoken as always, the girl who occasionally gets ‘er tits out with the fake tan and

While Draw Something occasionally presents hilarious drawings like this effort from a certain Mr W. Kane, the appeal wears off very fast.

bleach blonde hair continued her never-ending march across Malta (or is it Croatia now?) and whatever it is that is happening ‘In The North’ is still to be clarified.

Still…at least it provides Yorkshire actors with regular employment.

It might sound like I’m trashing the show, but I do enjoy it. It’s just that it sometimes moves at what can only be described as a glacial pace, and it seems to get away with it because of what it is rather than because of how good it is.

One character I do like – or do I mean hate – is that obnoxious twerpwho plays the King. Whoever cast him has done a good job because I find I just want someone to give him a solid thrashing. But that’s the point. It’s rare that an actor is so effectively loathsome in his portrayal of

a character that you actively root against him. The only other character I can think of who does that is the evil Bill Kim from Prison Break. I’m onto Series 2 in my run-through of that now, so I’ll be exercising my lungs booing him for the next week or so.


Last week the world was swept away by the craze that was Draw Something. But this week the majority of us are now bored by it, having had to draw The Lion King for the 764th time. I played it for a while but I was soon overcome with the realisation that it was pointless.

There’s no winning or losing and no sense of achievement, so really, what’s the point?


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  1. wwe says:

    great blog I’m a huge Wrestling fan from Sweden

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