Stuart’s Week In Entertainment: April 30 – May 6 (Apple iPad and One Tree Hill – with potential UK Pace Spoilers)

Not a huge amount to report on the TV front this week.

I finally finished off One Tree Hill once and for all, and I can’t say I’m particularly sad to see it go. It was a pretty self-indulgent show that had strayed about as far away from its original premise as you could possibly get. Having said that, the one thing I did like was the conclusion to the Dan Scott character. Even though there were plenty of other original characters still in it, he was the only one who had any sort of continuity over the course of all nine seasons, and corny as it was, his exit was handled quite well.

Mind you, when the first four seasons were being shown a few years back, if you’d shown anyone associated with the show a clip of Dan marching through a warehouse murdering Eastern Europeans with a shotgun you’d think ‘Oh come

Dan Scott goes out in a blaze of glory


I’ll be glad to see the back of that horrible little dwarf Jamie Scott though. And I bet that’s his TV career over. Hurrah!

Beyond that there’s not too much I watched (other than Britain’s Got Talent but since its live finals week I’ll deal with that in greater detail next week) and instead I’ve been focusing on my new iPad.

The iPad is something I’ve thought about buying for well over a year. Part of me thought ‘Do I need this’, while another part of me thought it would be a cool thing to own. That other part of me won the debate when I decided to take the plunge at the end of last week.

With the price-tag lower on now supposedly out of date iPad 2, I decided to go for one of them, and I’ve not regretted it. Now bear in mind I’m the sort of person who gets buyers remorse when I buy a player for a high price with fictional money in Football Manager, so I don’t make any purchase without some level of deliberation, but it really is an impressive piece of kit.

And the games are terrific on it too. The weird thing is though that because the price level has been set so low, I actually have to think about whether I want to pay £1.49 for a game when there are free ones or ones that only cost 69p on the market. Changed days from when we thought it was fine to spend the modern-day equivalent of around £95 for a SNES game back in 1993.

What I have played has been good though, both from the graphical standpoint and the pick-up-and-play one, and I’d recommend games like Where’s My Water (£1.50 I think), The Logo Quiz (Free) and of course Football Manager Handheld (£6).

If you’ve got any suggestions for apps or games for my iPad, let me know.



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