The Football Manager 2013 Scotland Research Project

So the 2011/12 football season is away to come to its end and that can only mean one thing; it’s time to get to work researching Scottish football for the release of the next Football Manager game – Football Manager 2013.

Last year you’ll remember that we opened the research process up so that anyone could give their opinion on the players at their supported club, in a bid to make things more inclusive. And we plan on keeping things open because it means you can have your say – even if the club you support already has a researcher – and it also gives us a more complete idea of how the players should be rated based on the opinion of the many rather than the individual.

This year we’re going to change things though. If you remember, for the FM2012 research process we set up an online survey for people to fill in. That was ok, but for the large amount of responses we got it became a wee bit cumbersome getting the relevant information to the appropriate researchers. It was also a bit awkward having to go through the incomplete responses etc.

We still want your opinions and views on the players at your club, so the way we’re doing it this year is different.

How Can I Take Part?

Quite simply, we’d like you to let us know what you think each of your players’ strengths & weaknesses are, as if you were writing a brief scouting report on them.

We don’t mean an essay or anything like that, just a couple of lines for each player. Also, make sure that the information in relevant to position. So for example, there’s no point in saying that a centre back’s weakness is that he is a poor finisher.

So say for example I was writing up Dundee United striker Jon Daly; the format would be.

Player  Name: Jon Daly
Best Attributes: Link up play, strength, awareness in the box
Weaknesses: Poor pace and acceleration

It’s that simple, and it’ll help ensure that all the players aren’t just rated correct in terms of overall ability, but that their individual attributes are also as accurate as possible, making the overall experience better.

Now some Dundee United fans might read my assessment of Daly and think ‘I disagree; I think his strengths and weaknesses are x, y and z’, but that’s the point; one objective opinion might be wrong. It could be that I get 100 Dundee United fans replying to this and 86 of them say his best attributes are heading and shooting. If that was the case I’d amend him.

This will also be especially useful if you happen to know what the strengths and weaknesses of the under-20 players at your club are!

Will That Not Take A While?

While we think that this is a far better way of canvassing your opinion, we’re aware that you might think it could take a lot longer to do than filling in the survey like last year. But last year we asked numerous questions and also looked to get you to rate all your club’s players in order from best to worst, and that probably took longer than this will. This should be easier and quicker for you to do; around 15 minutes of your time.

How Do I Take Part?

So if you’re interested in having your opinions on your supported club’s players heard, all you’ve got to do is send an email with your thoughts to, and if you want you can also let us know who you think the top 3 players at your club are.

Please give the name of the club you are e-mailing us about in the Subject title, and also let us know if you’d ever be interested in becoming the official researcher for your club should a vacancy ever become available.

Prize Draw

Just like last year, we’ll be putting the e-mail address of everyone who takes part into a draw where one person will win a free copy of FM13 when it released later this year; not bad for a mere 15 minutes of your time.

Social Media

Also, if you are interested, please give us a ‘like’ on the official Football Manager Scotland Facebook Page where we’ll keep you up to date with FM news, post researcher vacancies and generally debate Scottish Football, and if you want to follow me on twitter, you can on @sgmilne

Similarly, if there are any footballers out there in twitterland who want to make sure they are as accurately represented in FM2013, by all means let me know

Oh, and while you’re here, feel free to browse the rest of my blog 😉


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