FM2013 Scottish Research Project: Where Are They Now?

With Football Manager Research, we’re always looking for ways to ensure the database is as accurate as possible, and as you know, I try and make the whole process as inclusive as possible.

There are 380 players and 171 Non players in the Scottish database for FM, and we’d like your help identifying where these guys are.

Are they…

  • Playing for a league club in Scotland or abroad?
  • Playing for a Junior Club?
  • Retired?
  • Coaching, Scouting or Managing a club anywhere in the world?

Help us get it right and ensure that our database is bang on for the release of Football Manager 2013.

Enlarge to get a better look

What we’ve done is created a spreadsheet for you to view and edit. If you know where a player or non player is, you can enter that information into the document. Similarly, if any information like spelling or date of birth is wrong, tell us.

One thing though; to ensure that the quality of the information in the spreadsheet isn’t compromised (within a minute of it being uploaded someone had deleted a few player surnames) we’ve locked the first two sheets in the spreadsheet. If you have information to add, click on the ‘Whereabouts’ or ‘Date of Birth’ tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet and enter the information there.

See the attached picture to know where to go…

Of course, to edit the spreadsheet you have to have the right link, so here it is

Happy Scouting

For more on the Football Manager Scotland research, follow me on twitter @sgmilne


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