Football Manager 2013 Research: Scottish Non League, Juniors and Highland League Project

When we research Football Manager in Scotland the focus is obviously on playable leagues first and foremost. However, in the lower leagues of the SFL there are plenty of players who have played in the Juniors at one point or another, and many released players from the SPL and SFL end up in those leagues as well.

And of course, with the Competition Editor – my personal favourite feature in Football Manager – the player can activate these leagues or amend the Scottish football format to make these sides playable in a personalised Scottish football structure.

So I think it’s important we represent the Non Leagues, Juniors and Highlands in Football Manager to a good standard. The problem I have is that information on the these leagues isn’t always the easiest to come by. The clubs’ own websites aren’t always the best (if they have websites at all) and so it becomes hard to keep track of the players; even harder since the Scottish Research Team’s own non-league and Junior football enthusiast moved on last year.

Therefore, I’m throwing it open once again to fans of these leagues to help ensure we do a good job of representing them.

Following on from the success of the Unattached Player Spreadsheet I uploaded earlier in the week, here is a spreadsheet of the 1200+ Non League, Junior and Highland League based players in the Football Manager database, conveniently split into separate sheets for each region.

Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to help me keep a track of where these players are. Do they have a new club? Have they retired? Over the summer months, your help could be invaluable.

Should there be any up and coming or major names missing from these lists, I want you to tell me as well.

You can contact me either in the comments section here, by emailing me at or on Twitter @sgmilne


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