Stuart’s Week In Entertainment – October 12th (Including Red Dwarf, Dexter and The Immortality of Rodney Bewes)

One thing I’ve found pretty irritating though is that some shows in the USA are already taking breaks. It’s something I’ve never understood; what’s the point of starting a show and then taking it off again the week after? That’s what’s happened with Modern Family. Similarly, two weeks in and Grey’s Anatomy and Parks and Recreation have also taken breaks. It’s daft. Why not just do what British TV stations do and run a series every week until it’s finished? That would seem more sensible.

Having said that, for some reason The Thick of It also took a break and that’s on BBC2!


TV – The Comedies

So we’re down two shows, but there are a couple of additions to the list so it balances out.

First thing’s first – How I Met Your Mother is still dreadful, which is a pity because it was once a great show. We sat there realising there wasn’t a single laugh in it as the episode once again got caught up in trying to be clever with prolepses. This is one show that really needs to buck up its ideas.

The Big Bang Theorymeanwhile was the funniest comedy on TV for the second week running. People seem to either love or hate this show, and many people don’t give it the chance it deserves on the basis of it being filmed in front of an audience that bursts

Here’s Rimmer managing to look younger than I thought possible in the new Series of Red Dwarf

into fits of hysterics at the drop of a hat. Well I’m still really enjoying it, although my concern last week seems to have come to fruition as the character of Stuart has become a regular. Noooooooo! In fairness his interaction with Sheldon was quite funny. As an aside, I watched the first few episodes of Season 1 while away on holiday, and I have to say that some of these characters (well…Penny and Raj) have aged considerably in such a short time.

Nothing much to report on Parks & Rec other than it was better than the week before.

The big return last week was Red Dwarf. Now like any child of the 80s and 90s, I grew up loving Red Dwarf, but there was always the risk that it was maybe something best left in the past. Certainly I watched the first episode of Series 3 – Backwards – the other week and I don’t think I laughed once. So that combined with the actors not getting any younger had me worried. But since I last wrote a Week in Entertainment there have been two episodes and both have been pretty good. I’d say the first episode was certainly the better of the two, with a few great set pieces (the Swedish Moose and the bit with the phone) that genuinely made me laugh at loud. I’m impressed!

The other show I’ve watched this week is a DVD boxed set I got for my birthday. I’ve always had a fondness for Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads without ever having seen it. That might sound bizarre, but I really liked the theme tune and there’s always been a sort of running joke between my brother and I about Rodney Bewes, probably because he was in Resurrection of the Daleks and we watched that umpteen times on an old Betamax video as kids. And of course there’s the amazing sketch on QI about him being immortal, which I’ll link below.

But as I say I hadn’t actually seen it until this week. It’s really good, and I’d highly recommend you give it a chance. It’s an old style of comedy; not in that there’s slapstick, innuendo or the like, but because it’s so conversational. Most comedies these days involve either lots of people or that ‘Talk to the Camera’ style approach which has been in vogue for so long. The jokes are mostly in the conversations between Bewes and Bollam, and it’s great. I don’t think it would be repeated in full these days, not just because Bollam is apparently being quite arsey about the whole thing, but also because there’s some…shall we say…politically incorrect jokes in there.

But for well over 30 episodes, £11 is a bargain for it.

TV – The Rest

Homeland started again, but I’m not decided as to whether it’s best to wait until it finishes and then watch it all in a row. It’s not that the first episode was bad, but it was uneventful and was definitely just a set-up episode. The action probably won’t kick off for another few weeks yet.

Loved Dexter again though. Looks like the shit it going to hit the fan pretty early in this season, so I hope that they manage to keep it entertaining all the way through. I stick to my prediction though; LaGuerta is going to be murdered, and Deb is going to be the one to do it.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s second episode was better than its first. I won’t do spoilers this time, but I thought that the second episode should have been first and vice versa. The stuff with Mark Sloane was a lot better, and probably would have been more shocking had they not spoiled the outcome the week before. I do hope it goes back to the proper format next time though.

Watched The Plane Crash last night. I’m a bit of a nervous flier – or at least I was – so it might seem that this is not the sort of thing I should be watching for my own sanity, but it was interesting and informative; even if it did take far too long to get to the point. I’m impressed that a plane could crash-land without doing too much damage to the people inside, although I certainly won’t be sitting in First Class any time soon.

One thing I really was surprised about this week was that I enjoyed WWE Raw. Apart from Daniel Bryan and Kane’s “I am the Tag Team Champions” sketches, WWE’s product has been absolutely diabolical. Seems as though they sacked the head writer last week, and the result was a far better show with decent and different matches, as well as storyline progression. Let’s hope they keep it up. I doubt it though.

And what about that bit on Pointless yesterday where a contestant took a lucky shot in the dark guess at a subject she had no clue about, and not only was it right, but it was Pointless too. And they won the jackpot. That’s what I call luck.


Jimmy Savile. Who’d have thought it, eh?

Most people I think…


One Response to Stuart’s Week In Entertainment – October 12th (Including Red Dwarf, Dexter and The Immortality of Rodney Bewes)

  1. Wullie Kane says:

    Episode 2 of Red Dwarf, wasn’t as good as the first one, Jeez, never even made it to the break in episode one. Brutal.

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