Gaming: Hidden in Plain Sight Review (or ‘A Fun, Cheap Game That Offers Local Multiplayer)

Remember when you could play video games with friends in the same room as you?

I’ve often lamented the death of social gaming as a means of catching up with friends, but it’s worth continuing that lament.

It could be that we’re getting on a bit and it could be that we simply alter our priorities as we get older, but the concept of inviting your mates round to play some games seems to be dying out. One friend? Yeah, that’s fine because you can play FIFA or any other 1 vs 1 sports game, but three friends? Nope.

The Wii could have managed it, but I think everyone stopped playing that system shortly after the appeal of Wii Bowling wore off. Plus that particular console basically made it a costly exercise to have friends because buying controllers, nunchuks and batteries for four sets of controllers would set your back well over £100.

Occasionally you’ll get a good game that friends can play together on the 360, but most of the time these games just feel like better looking but far shallower versions of old favourites. For example, there hasn’t been as good a Track & Field game since…err…Track

Here is Catch a Thief Mode on Hidden in Plain Sight

& Field for the original Playstation, while you shouldn’t get me started on the Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome that surrounds WWE games.

Anyway, you’re getting the point of it and that is that it would be nice to be able to play four-player games in the comfort of your own home where everyone gets to play at the same time rather than it being turn based.

And the thing is, there are game makers out there who agree with me.

So I want to bring your attention to a fantastic game available from Xbox Live Indie Games called ‘Hidden in Plain Sight‘.

What’s The Game About?

Available for about £1, this is 5 different games rolled into one.

Those game modes are…

Ninja Party: The screen is filled with ninjas and you and the other players are randomly assigned one each. First you have to work out which one you are (which requires a bit of covert skill) and then you either have to identify and kill off the other player controlled ninjas, or be the first to touch 5 different statues on the screen.

Catch A Thief: Choose to be either a sniper or a ninja. The player controlled ninja must covertly collect coins while the snipers try to find and kill them. The catch is that the coins only disappear (i.e. are only seen to have been collected) once the sniper shines his light over it.

Assassin: Same principle as Catch a Thief with the difference being that the player controlled Ninjas must bump off as many AI controlled ninjas before the sniper gets them.

Ninjas vs Knights: Similar to Ninja Party, but the catch is that the slower moving player-controlled Knights have to stop the player-controlled Ninjas from killing a princess.

Death Race: A game of musical statues. Each player controls a sniper rifle and a ninja. The idea is to be the first ninja to make it over to the other side of room ahead of all the other player and AI controlled Ninjas. While being as covert as possible, the player must also look out for the other Ninjas and with only one bullet in their gun, snipe them leaving the route to victory open for themselves.

And that’s it. It’s a really simple premise which will provide hours of fun for you and up to three of your friends. Obviously the more friends that play the better the gaming experience is.

The controls couldn’t be simpler or better explained and the price couldn’t be cheaper.

My only problem? Well the fact is that we’re now conditioned to play games online, and the lack of online mode is actually a disappointment. My best mate now lives in London so the fun we had playing it last week sadly can’t be repeated again for a few months.

I know…what a hypocrite I am.



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