Things That Don’t Make Sense To Me About Zombie Apocalypses

I’ve started watching the critically acclaimed AMC series, The Walking Dead. As it stands I’m a little bit into Season 2, so some of the things I’ll be discussing here may have been addressed in the show already.

It is a great show though; I’m really enjoying it, just as I have done many other Zombie related media since Dawn & Shaun of the Dead seemingly sparked a revival in the genre back in 2004.

But my issue with stuff like this, whether it’s the aforementioned films, TV series or even games like Dead Rising is that they don’t make a lot of sense.

By that, I don’t mean that the dead coming back to life makes no sense, because to criticise them for that would be churlish.

Similarly, I think we have to assume that within the worlds that these Zombie Apocalypses take place in, they haven’t actually heard of zombies. It’s the same principle as Eastenders not being on TV on BBC1 within the world of Albert Square.

Here’s a classic image of someone being eaten by a Zombie. But if that’s what Zombies do to people, how are there so many of them?

But if we allow for that, there are still things I have to question…

How Did It Get So Bad?

One of the things that annoys me about this sort of thing, as well as any other apocalyptic event like the killer flu in Survivors or the Electricity going off in Revolution (a show which incidentally I gave up on after one episode, so it may have actually been dealt with) is that the cause of these disasters is never explained.

The story always picks up after it’s happened, rather than dealing with what caused it, as well as the initial outbreak.

That’s a personal thing for me, but I’d like to see how they explain how the situations like we see in The Walking Dead come to be, rather than simply starting the show three-quarters of the way into the overall turn of events.

Specific to Zombie fiction though, how did the world fall apart so quickly and so easily?

Surely once they realise that the dead are coming back to life and if they scratch you you’ll become one of them, and furthermore if you shoot them in the head they’ll die, then it’s fairly easy to contain?

How can this situation become a global catastrophe?

It must have started with one single person becoming a zombie and it spreads from there, so it can’t have gotten out of control that quickly?

But that leads me to my next point…

How Are There So Many Of Them?

It seems to me that in Zombie fiction, the Zombies want to kill and eat people.

Sure, we see people who have been bitten, after the fact. But when you have a small bunch of people looking to survive in the zombie world, it seems that they tend not to be scratched and are instead ripped apart and eaten alive on the spot.

So how come there are so many Zombies going about? Surely the majority of the people who have been attacked by Zombies have actually been eaten completely, rather than getting a scratch, running off to become a Zombie and then joining up with the masses as they stand about like youths on street corners?

How Does It Become Global?

Who exactly lets people who have been bitten by Zombies through customs and onto a plane to go to another country?

Why Are The Military So Useless, But Small Bands of Normal People Can Cope So Well?

It’s always the case isn’t it? The military have been wiped out by the ever-increasing numbers of the walking dead, but untrained groups of civilians with a handful of ineffectual weapons can carry on indefinitely. Doesn’t make sense.

Surely Zombies Have Finite Life-Spans?

In shows like this, why do people not make their way to islands that have no zombies on them and then just wait it out?

Yes, the Zombies are already dead, but there must be some finite waiting time before they will decay to the point where they are no longer a threat to anyone?

Anyone Got The Answers?

Am I being too pernickity, or are these pertinent questions?

Let me know what you think


4 Responses to Things That Don’t Make Sense To Me About Zombie Apocalypses

  1. Wullie Kane says:

    PernickityLAD. Some stuff gets explained towards the end of the second series. Stuff like this and most sci-fi you just accept it for what it is is. Otherwise you spend hours working out if the Terminator scenario actually works.

  2. sgmilne says:

    Haven’t seen the Terminator in years, but I’m fairly sure that scenario does work.


  3. Zombease says:

    Hopefully we can answer some of your questions over at Zombease, we’ve actually covered a few of them already:

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