Things That Annoy Me Generally – The Stuart Reviews Stuff Room 101 (Part 1)

Your digital footprint is an interesting thing.

I know some people who’ve had the same email address for near-on 20 years and never delete a single message. It must be interesting to look back on the sort of correspondences you’ve had over such a long period of time.

Well I’m going to do something similar on this blog.

I’ve posted for a good few years on a Scottish Football message-board, that has its own Room 101 sub-forum.

You know Room 1o1 right? The place where you put all the things that really annoy you?

Well, regular readers of this blog will know that plenty of things really annoy me, so over the next few articles, I’ll give a run-down of the things that have pissed me off enough to post about them over the years.

Whether you agree or disagree with them is up to you. Let me know what you think.

Children At Football Matches and Their Ignorant Parents

Yes, I know that children are our future and football needs a continuous stream of new fans, but it doesn’t stop them being annoying.

Let me preface this by saying I’m not talking about the kids who go to the football to sit and watch the game with interest; I’m talking about the ones who don’t care about the game at all.

The ones who kick the back of your chair, who need to go to the toilet every five minutes because they are bored or the ones who have such little understanding of the rules that they think a throw-in is a goal.

Maybe the kids aren’t the ones to blame; maybe it’s their ignorant parents.

I’ve seen a bloke – who clearly had his children with him for an away match under duress – sit his young children (one of whom was actually special needs) down in a ‘quiet’ area, before going off to sit with his drunken mates at the other end of the stand, leaving them unattended for the full match.


The worst of the lot is when you go to a Reserve match. These games tend to be free, so while I’m trying to do a bit of research work for my job, I have to contend with parents taking a bunch of kids out to ‘shut them up for the evening’ and let them run amok while the idle sod just sits there reading a magazine.


Cinema Food

Ah Cinema food; the greatest ripoff known to man.

Cinema Nachos: They Manage to Be Even Less Satisfying Than They Look

Cinema Nachos: They Manage to Be Even Less Satisfying Than They Look

It costs upwards of four times the RRP, it’s usually bad for you and it’s of a very low quality.

Classic example is the Cineworld nachos. These nachos are probably of the worst quality I’ve tasted, and they are served with a warm yellow ‘cheese’ sauce that has no taste and is potentially radioactive.

Why can’t cinemas invest in proper catering?

Misuse of word ‘Circa’

Ok, this is quite specific, but it’s one of these things you’ll come across often on football message-boards.

‘Circa’ is a word to be used in relation to time. So, the Roman Empire ended ‘Circa’ 400-470AD (that might not be wholly accurate, but it’s the correct use of the word)

It’s not appropriate to say a club has sold ‘circa 3000 tickets’.

Stop trying to use fancy words you don’t understand you fools.

“I Could Care Less”

On the same subject, why is it Americans say ‘I Could Care Less’? Hmm?

By definition that means there are many things that you could indeed care less about, which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to say.

It’s “I Couldn’t Care Less”. Get it right.

Incidentally, I know that David Mitchell had a massive rant about this on his Soapbox Vlog, but I posted this at least 2 years earlier.

So there.

People Who Call the City of Dundee ‘Dunders’

The only people who would think of calling Dundee ‘Dunders’ are Doritos Gang Arseholes who need to have their tongues removed as punishment.

Honest to God…

Coming Up:

More language related issues, some celebrities, yet more football stuff and boy racers


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