Scottish Football Fans: Help Me Find These Missing Club Competition Records


Regular readers of the blog might know that one of the many strings to my bow is that I’m the Head of Scottish Research for the award-winning Football Manager series of games.

So it’s my responsibility – aided by my fantastic team of Assistant Club Researchers – to make sure that the information for all the football players, clubs and competitions is correctly included in the game each year.

Sometimes the information is easy to come by, but other times it’s not.

A good example of information that isn’t easy to come by is certain club and competition records. If the official sources like club or league websites don’t have the information available, it can be a nightmare trying to find it. Unfortunately not every club has a resource as top quality as the Arab Archive, a first class resource for every statistic you could possibly think of for the club I support, Dundee United.

But one thing that’s great about the Football Manager community is that there are plenty of enthusiastic football statisticians out there who are happy to help out with information when those official sources are a let down.

So here’s a list of missing records that we have for Scottish Club Competitions…

Scottish Cup, League Cup and League Challenge Cup

  • Lowest Attendance (Information needed is the attendance, the game it happened in and the date)
  • Most Games Won In A Row (Team. Amount of Games. Date of first win, date of last win)
  • Most Games Lost In A Row
  • Most Games Without Losing
  • Most Games Without Winning
  • Most Games Without Scoring
  • Record Number of Goals Scored By a Single Team In One Season
  • Top Goalscorer of All Time (Player Name, Amount of Goals Scored)
  • Youngest Player (Name, Date of Birth, Date of Game he played in)
  • Oldest Player (For League and Challenge Cups only)
  • Youngest Goalscorer
  • Oldest Goalscorer
  • Highest Attendance (For League Cup & Challenge Cup only)
  • Fastest Goal (Player name, What Game, How Many Seconds)

Scottish Divisions One, Two & Three

  • Highest Attendance
  • Lowest Attendance
  • Highest Average Attendance Over A Season
  • Top All Time Goal Scorer
  • Most Goals Scored By A Single Player In A Match
  • Youngest Player
  • Oldest Player
  • Youngest Goalscorer
  • Oldest Goalscorer
  • Fastest Goal

To clarify, records are for the second, third and fourth tiers of Scottish Football – i.e. when the Scottish First Division was known as the Second Division and so on.

Now some of these stats will be out there, but I accept that others won’t be; that’s life.

But if you can help me make the Football Manager database more complete, then it would help make the playing experience better in Scotland, and it would also give you a chance to show off your statto-ness, if that’s even a word.

How can you get in touch? Well there are three ways.

First is that you could leave a message in reply to this post.

Alternatively you could send me a tweet on twitter @SGMilne or email me at

If you’re interested in vacancies in the research team, they’ll always be posted on twitter.

Oh, and while you’re here, why not enjoy one of the other strings to my proverbial bow – this blog 😉


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