Football Manager Research: What’s Involved? Who Should Apply?


Since I’m being flooded with questions on twitter from people applying to be an assistant researcher on Football Manager, here’s a simple guide to what’s involved and how you can get involved.

Remember, I’m the Scotland Researcher, so there’s no point in asking me about Belarus or Sao Tome & Principe vacancies…

What do you need to be qualified to help out?

To join our team you must have…

A strong knowledge of the club you want to research – i.e. regularly see them play (i.e. season ticket holder) so you can rate the players.  There’s no point in asking to be the Peterhead researcher if you’ve never seen them play. We can get basic information off websites as easily as you.

A mature and objective outlook to research – i.e. accept that your team aren’t world beaters, especially in the lower leagues of Scottish football, and rate them responsibly.

A knowledge of Football Manager – It would certainly help if you’re a regular player of the game and have used the editor that comes with it

A basic knowledge of IT – you’d be surprised how many people can’t open a zip file or attach a file to an e-mail

Communication skills above the level of a child – you’d be surprised how many applications I get in txt spk or from people who must be about 12.

Also, you must accept the responsibilities that come with being part of the team – by no means should this or does this have to take over your life, but we have deadlines, so if you agree to be part of the team, don’t just leave us in the lurch if you don’t fancy doing it.

What does it involve?

There isn’t much to it and it doesn’t take up much of your time at all. However, if this looks like too much then you’re probably better off not replying…

You have to rate the players at your club according to the guidelines set. As you’ll be familiar with Football Manager, you’ll know about the various stats each player has, and you’ll see they all have their profiles done (i,e, name, date of birth, position, how good they are at things like finishing, dribbling, tackling etc). Well it’s up to you to enter that information.

Apart from that you have to keep me up to date on any transfers happening involving your club as well as basic club info (such as debt, club records, kits, stadium info etc).

As a part of the team, your opinion will also count when we discuss each others ratings, structure of guidelines and other issues.

Do I get anything for helping out?

It’s only a few hours work, but you will get your name in the credits, and you’ll also get a free copy of the game (unless the standard of your work is absolutely terrible, but that has only happened a couple of times over the years)

If you’re interested, e-mail me at officialfmscotland (at) gmail (dot) com

What Positions Are Available?

As of 02/05/13, the following positions are available…

East Stirlingshire

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