Movies: Star Trek Into Darkness Review (or ‘Nothing You Haven’t Seen Before’)

So I went along to Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday and was immediately stunned by the cost.

Going to see a film at the cinema in 3D has now broken the £10 barrier in Dundee. It broke that in London a while ago I’m sure, but still, that’s an incredible price for a film.

I mean, when it comes out on Blu Ray it will cost barely more than that, and you get to keep it forever too.

Of course, I have an Unlimited Card so I can see it however many times I like and it’ll cost no more than £15.

But do I want to see it more than once?

We shall see…

Star Trek Into Darkness Review: What’s It About

After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.StarTrekIntoDarkness_FinalUSPoster

Or in other words, it’s a but like Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan

Star Trek Into Darkness Review: Who’s In It?

It retains the key cast members from the last film, with the likes of Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Zoe Saldana (Uhura) and Simon Pegg (Scotty) all present and correct.

According to imdb Jennifer Morrison was in it too, but I’m damned if I could see her.

Oh, and it’s also got Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead villain (Khan), and Mickey from Doctor Who has a line as well.’

Star Trek Into Darkness Review: How Highly Is It Rated?

The Internet Movie Database rates it at 8.3 from just under 60,000 votes, while Rotten Tomatoes give it an approval rating of 86%

You’ve got to take the Fan-Boy vote into account though.

Star Trek Into Darkness Review: My Thoughts

In a recent review I did of the game Impossible Road, I remarked that many ‘Big Name Campaign’ video games suffer from a problem whereby there’s no challenge to them any more. There’s no doubt you’ll complete it if you put the time in, and so it becomes a case of how long it takes.

I think that can be applied to movies and Star Trek Into Darkness would be a good example of that.

To me, it seemed a very by-the-numbers effort, with a plot that failed to offer any real intrigue, twists or turns.

I just felt like it moved along from A to B in a rather safe place without doing anything to interest me.

Don’t get me wrong, it was mostly well acted, especially by Benedict Cumberbatch, it had plenty of good special effects and for once I felt like the 3D actually added value to the production, but it just felt like a retread of so many films I’ve seen before.

And I say that without having seen Wrath of Khan in my life.

So although it entertained me to a degree, I felt underwhelmed in the main.

When Does Paying Homage Become Cheap Imitation?

Star Trek fans are…well they’re a passionate bunch.

Same as some Doctor Who fans, Star Wars fans or any other type of show that is rather patronisingly attached with the label ‘Cult’.

So I can understand that they want the characters in the film to be resembling of the ones from the original TV series.

And in some cases it works.

Zachary Quinto is very good as Spock for example. In fact, he’s excellent. He captures the essence of the character in a natural way.

But the guy who plays Doctor McCoy – Karl Urban – came off as someone doing a bad impression. He’s just awful.

In his case, playing the part in a more natural way that maybe took him slightly away from DeForrest Kelley’s portrayal might have been a better idea.

And also, Simon Pegg does not make for a convincing Scot. The movie would have been made immeasurably better if Ford Kiernan was playing the part, calling Kirk “A daft bastard”.

One More Thing (Spoiler)

I’ll type this in white text in case you don’t want it spoiled…

Having Leonard Nimoy play Spock from the future is just fan-wank pandering. Then again, if they brought back an old Doctor in Doctor Who, I’d love it.

Simple as that.

Should You Go To See Star Trek Into Darkness?

I thought it was ok, but by no means was it great or even that good.

I’m sure Star Trek fans will love it, but for people who just want to go and see a good film, what you’re left with is a pedestrian plot and a ton of special effects.

Sure it looks great, but is that worth over a tenner?

Probably not.


6 Responses to Movies: Star Trek Into Darkness Review (or ‘Nothing You Haven’t Seen Before’)

  1. Well, some Star Trek fans actually hate it…

  2. Perry Armstrong says:

    To its credit the 2009 film at least succeeded in getting my ‘non-fan’ wife involved (no small achievement, believe me!), but this one left us both cold. Some of the ‘beat-for-beat’ recreations during the final act made ‘Into Skegness’ look like the world’s most expensive fan film, which one could argue it probably is.

  3. joereyes3 says:

    great post. i loved this movie. it was one of the best of the year to me. check out mine on this topic

  4. jasso says:

    One more Trekkie saying I hated it…

    Good things first: Quinto and Cumberbath were great and film looked good. That’s about it.

    I got the feeling I’ve seen this before. It tried to bow towards the old film and tv-series on a few occasions, but eventually there was more wrong than right. Writers have done a very, very poor job. Conversations didn’t really authentic and there were idiotic plot holes. Who the h*ll could just fly to Kronos like that and live to tell? And why they needed Khan alive, when they 72 persons to get the blood from easier? My brain hurts…

  5. Scott Baikie says:

    You should watch Wrath of Khan, a much better film despite the fact not much actually happens for spells, it is tense and foreboding throughout.

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