Stuart’s Top 50 Television Dramas of All Time – Part Seven (#20 – #16)

Oh we’re getting close now.

It’s the Top 20.

#20 House of Cards – UK Editionhouseofcards

The original House of Cards, starring the brilliant Ian Richardson as scheming politician Francis Urquhart is a better show than its US counterpart.

But there’s less of it.

I did an extensive review of this show, which you can find in the article index above.

Needless to say though, it’s well deserving of a place in the Top 20.

#19 – One Tree Hill

Fans of serious drama all over the world have just spat their coffee out at discovering I’ve rated One Tree Hill above House of Cards.One-tree-hill_logo

And I’ll admit that the longer it went on, the more ridiculous it got, with each character becoming unbelievably successful. Of the original cast, one become a world-famous author, one became a world-famous fashion designer, another created her own record label (which subsequently launched the career of the most famous singer in the world), one juggled being a teenaged mother and a world-famous pop star and music writer, and of course there was the NBA star.

Even fucking Mouth became a celebrity newscaster.

So it was, as I say, all a bit far-fetched, but the early seasons especially, when it was just a show about a high school basketball team and two rival players with the same evil father, were very enjoyable.

And everyone has to love a boo-hiss villain like Dan Scott

#18 Buffy The Vampire Slayerbuffy

Before I gave Buffy the Vampire Slayer a chance, I was very skeptical of it. It seemed like one of this sickening shows for teenage girls.

But it’s actually very good, and for the most part  kept itself fresh and interesting with imaginative storylines throughout the seven seasons.

And as the “kids” developed, the show developed with them.

So this gets a hearty recommendation from me.

#17 – Blake’s Sevenblakesseven

One of the more obscure shows on this list as far as the general public are concerned, Blake’s Seven was a terrific science fiction show from the late 70s about a falsely imprisoned leader of men who – along with a band of criminals – escapes to seek revenge and bring down the oppressive Federation.

One of my favourite shows – along with Dr Who – whilst growing up, Blake’s Seven has one of the best TV characters of all time in Paul Darrow’s Avon, and it also has perhaps the most shocking final scene in any TV show I’ve ever seen.

Well worth giving a shot.

#16 – The Shield

While people go on about The Wire being this terrific police drama, I think it’s up its own arse a little bit.TheShield

The Shield meanwhile offers no pretensions. It’s an action packed show about a dirty copper and his team in a Los Angeles Police Department.

For one reason or another, most of the characters are flawed, the storylines are fast paced and the acting is great.

It also has perhaps the most effort-filled acting performance I’ve ever seen from Forrest Whittaker. He really tries here.madmen

And One That Doesn’t Make The List

Mad Men

I’ve tried, I really have, but I just don’t see what the fuss is about with this slow-moving snoozefest.


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