Football Manager 2014 Scottish Research: Find A Player A New Home

Taking a step away from my reviews for a moment, it’s time for my yearly call to arms for Scottish Football fans who play Football Manager.

Like last year, I have a list of unattached players and staff (that being, as if you needed it explained, players or non players in my database who are not contracted to a club, nor are they considered retired)FMScotland

You can find that list here

What do I want?

Well it’s simple. If you know the whereabouts of any of these players/staff, whether it’s that they have signed for a club somewhere in Scotland or abroad, or whether you know with absolute certainty that they are no longer in football, let me know.


Leave a comment here, write in the comments sheet in the spreadsheet or tweet me at @sgmilne.

Similarly, if you feel any of the non players have the wrong job type set, or if you can fill in any of the blanks for players or staff with missing birth details, let me know.

And since I’ll inevitably be receiving a large amount of visitors who don’t usually frequent the blog, have a look around, and if you enjoy it, give it a Like, the button is on the right hand column of the page.


One Response to Football Manager 2014 Scottish Research: Find A Player A New Home

  1. Steve says:

    Keiron Renton (brother of Kris) 434 is at Musselburgh Athletic (who have a strong side this year due to saving money last year as the league had no relegation)

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