Movies: Rush Review (or “Oh My God, I’m Writing About Something Other Than Doctor Who”)

Oh my God, it’s an article that isn’t about Doctor Who!!!

That’s right, I’ve finally got something else to write about, and – having gone to the cinema today for the first time since June (hey, who says my Unlimited Card is a waste of money?) – I finally get to review a new movie.

What can I say? I’ve been busy and there just hasn’t been anything on worth seeing.

But I definitely wanted to go to see Rush.

Rush Review: What’s It About

Based on a true story, Rush is about the heated rivalry between 1970s Formula One drivers, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. It documents the six years between their first meeting and their showdown at the end of the 1976 Grand Prix season,

Rush Review: Who’s In It?

Though it includes a host of recognisable names like Suzie Miller (House, The O.C.), Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones), David Calder (Starcops – and believe me, I sat through that film thinking “What the hell was that guy in” before getting home to check on imdb) and Stephen Mangan (Episodes, The Green Room), the stars of the show are Daniel Bruhl as the serious Austrian driver Lauda, and Chris “Thor” Hemsworth as the playboy Englishman, Hunt.

Ron Howard directs.

Rush Review: High Highly Is It Rated?

Rush clocks in with a score of 8.4/10 on imdb from over 12,000 voters, and gets a Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%

Rush Review: Thoughts (Contains Spoilers)

Like I said in my review of Senna a few years back, I’m not a fan of Formula One at all; I find it dull and clinical.Rush-2013-Poster-carwitter

But that doesn’t stop me enjoying movies about it.

It certainly seems as though it was more interesting – and a helluva lot more dangerous – back in those days.

Whether the movie turned Hunt and Lauda into caricatures rather than characters, I couldn’t tell you, although the chances are they did.

But the point is, I didn’t know the story.

And I think that made this better for me.

Had I known exactly how this true to life rivalry played out, with Lauda getting severely burned and then coming back to challenge Hunt in Japan, I probably wouldn’t have found it quite so interesting.

But because I didn’t know everything that was going to happen, the story was far more captivating for me as a result.

I had no idea about all the twists and turns, and though it was reasonably interesting finding out a little bit about their private lives, the hook for me was not knowing who would win in the end, and indeed if they would live or die.

It was a fascinating story, and one that was unsurprisingly reasonable and genuine, since it happened in reality.

Also, it was refreshing to see the story told without bias to one man or the other. Both have their flaws, both have their strengths. It doesn’t favour one man over the other like Senna did.

Apart from that though, it was well acted.

Bruhl and Hemsworth played their parts with style and managed to bring to life the differences in their characters that seem to have made them polar opposites and rivals. I had absolutely no problem on that score.

But where I think it excelled the most was in the realisation.

It must be a dream for a director and a costume designer to go back to an era like the 70s and recreate the fashion and the decor, and here it’s done particularly well. Visually, this is a treat.

The only flaw I noticed was right at the start. In his opening narration, Lauda talks “what he did to Hunt that day”, but it’s not really made clear what that is. Perhaps it’s that Lauda’s accident softened Hunt’s character, but that line of narration shouldn’t have ended up so loosely resolved.

Should You Go To See Rush?

Apart from that one niggle, I find myself not being able to come up with much to criticise Rush for.

It was well acted, looked great and had a top-notch story.

Furthermore, running at 120 minutes long, it never dragged and kept me interested throughout.

Had I know the story going in, I may not have enjoyed it so much, and while that might sound obvious, I suppose when it’s based on a true story, plenty of people will be familiar with it before they see it, and perhaps they won’t have found it quite as intriguing as I did.

But that’s not something for me to worry about. From my point of view, I’d say Rush is comfortably the second best film I’ve seen this year and I’d highly recommend you go to see it.



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