Stuart’s Top 100 Games of the Last Generation Part Three: #85 – #81

#85 – Viva Pinata (Xbox 360 2006 – 2008)Viva_Piñata_cover

Although Rare would perhaps have been better served focusing their energies on more projects like their groundbreaking n64 stuff, Viva Pinata was a delightful game, and reasonably innovative too.

Full of colour and character, this game – in which you are a sort of animal farmer/gardener out for profit – was the sort that would capture you for a few days at a time and you’d be all the happier for it.

If it had a problem, for me it was the inability to start from scratch without deleting your entire Viva Pinata content file in the 360’s hard drive.

#84 – Mortal Kombat (Xbox 360, 2011)Mortal_Kombat_boxart

If there’s one thing I’m not keen on, it’s an overly complicated fighting game. What’s the point of a game where you have to press Up, Up, Down, Down,Three Quarter Circle, A, A, X and LT just to do a throw?

To me, that’s not welcoming to new players, especially when their mates are already experts at it.

Well Mortal Kombat was at least slightly more user-friendly in that good moves could be done with the minimum of fuss.

Indeed, what I love about this game is that I can win against all my mates just by spamming Raiden’s Torpedo. Cheap? Absolutely, but watching their frustration (and knowing that if they were just disciplined enough to block it they’d easily defeat me) is always a laugh.480px-Fifa_street_2012

#83 – FIFA Street (Xbox 360, 2012)

Take the FIFA engine and tweak it so it’s all about showboating and “Street” football.

What you get is the sort of game that you can easily play with your non-FIFA playing friends.

No doubt it has a bit of a limited shelf-life, but it was fun while it lasted.427px-Hotline_Miami_cover

I’m still looking for a FIFA game to include proper indoor football though.

#82 – Hotline Miami (PC, 2012)

An old school, top down action game that looked like it came from the 1980s.

There are only a few hours of gameplay in it, but while you play, you’re hooked.

And as I said in my review (which you an read here) you end up paying less than £1 for every hour of entertainment you get from it.


#81 – ‘Splosion Man (Xbox Live Arcade, 2009)Splosion_Man

A humourous, fun and challenging platform game, ‘Splosion Man is yet another triumph from Xbox Live Arcade.

I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough of this, which is more than can be said for…

One That Doesn’t Make It – Ms ‘Splosion Man

The sequel to #81 was one of the most frustratingly irritating games I’ve ever played.

Basically it took everything that was fun about the original and soured it.

The challenge became an incredibly frustrating exercise in muscle memory, the humour disappeared up its own arse (I felt as though some of it was like a private joke that only members of the Development Team would understand) and any sense of enjoyability vacated the premises.


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