Stuart’s Top 100 Games of the Last Generation Part Five: #75 – #71

#75 – Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Xbox 360, 2010)nfshp

The racing game genre, I think, has suffered in this generation.

If you want to play a four player racing game on the Xbox 360 there really are very few options.

And racing games to me are mostly ones that you’d want to play competitively with friends.

So going back to the previous generation, one of my favourite games was Rallisport Challenge. And though there are games that capture its spirit that will appear further down this list, none had multiplayer for more than two players.

One game that managed to be fun as a single player affair though was Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Channeling the Burnout spirit more than a Rallisport game, it was fun, challenging and it looked great too.HFGM

#74 – Hasbro Family Game Night (Xbox 360, 2009)

This is one that doesn’t need much in the way of a description.

Essentially it’s a selection of Hasbro board games like Risk, Boggle, Uno and Connect Four.

Not exactly deep, but a fun game to play with your mates when you’ve got a bit of time to kill.

Sadly in the UK we didn’t get Scrabble though.

That sucked…

#73 – The Stanley Parable (PC, 2013)

I was going to include Candy Crush Saga in this list as #73, but I don’t think it counts as a game of this generation since it’s a Facebook game.

Then I realised I’d forgotten about The Stanley Parable, and that does count, so it gets in instead.SPar

I wrote my review of The Stanley Parable only a few weeks ago, and you can read it here.

What I said was that it wasn’t worth £10 because of the lack of play-time and it wasn’t deserving of the 5 Star reviews it was getting.

However, it’s still a fun, unique and enjoyable game while it lasts and is a worthy candidate for the list.

#72 – Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360, 2013)GTAV

I appreciate that GTAV is a big game.

And for a while I enjoyed the single player game, but I did get a bit sick of it towards the end.

There’s no doubt that its style over substance, and is a triumph of marketing over quality, as I mentioned here

But – unlike the incredibly dull GTA4 – it’s still good enough to merit inclusion.

#71 – Flatout: Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360 – 2007)flatout

Flatout: Ultimate Carnage is by no means the best game in the world.

But it’s like I’ve said before, even in this very article; this generation’s lack of quality offline multiplayer games is staggering.

Burnout never made the transition properly to the current gen, and so its main selling point – Multiplayer Crash Mini Games – was lost. Only Flatout: Ultimate Carnage even made the slightest bit of effort to fill the gap.

Indeed, with its turn-about gameplay style, Flatout is a rare example of a game you can enjoy with a whole party of friends.

It came out in 2007 and though it’s not the greatest of games, I’d still happily play it today.

But that’s more of a sign of a lack of alternatives than anything else I fear.

And One That Doesn’t Make It – Forza Motorsportforza-3-xbox-360-box-art

I have a driver’s license. If I want a realistic driving experience, I’ll pick up keys and go out in the car.

Forza Motorsport is no more fun than that.

For car enthusiasts it might well be an enjoyable experience; I mean, I doubt those who are not keen on the beautiful game would appreciate Football Manager.

So maybe its just not for me. I thought it was garbage.

Indeed, it’s a very rare example of a game I traded in. The guy in Gamestation – yes, once upon a time I did go to high street game shops – gave me this baffled look as to why I’d return this supposedly amazing game within a week.

I was happy to take the hit on the trade-in.


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