Stuart’s Top 100 Games of the Last Generation Part Ten: #30 – 21

#30 – Rock Band/Guitar Hero (Xbox 360, Various)rockband

To separate Rock Band and Guitar Hero would be pointless; they are in essence the same game. But what a game and what innovation.

Yes, this was a genre that started back in the PS2 generation, but it came into its own on the Xbox 360. I couldn’t tell you how many songs I otherwise would never have heard of were it not for these games. Furthermore, it was great to be able to “play” some of my favourite songs over the years, and to repeat them over and over until I got them done flawlessly.

My only criticism of the games – games, incidentally which have sadly fallen by the wayside – is that the transition between Hard and Expert was just too much.

#29 – Bully: Scholarship Edition (Xbox 360, 2008)bully

Another game technically from a previous generation, but one which I only played on the Xbox 360, Bully is certainly one of Rockstar’s more underrated efforts.

I enjoyed the story, the setting and the gameplay mechanics a hell of a lot more than I do GTA.

Sadly I don’t think this is a game we can expect to see return any time soon.

#28 – Super Tank Run (Xbox Live Indie Games – 2011)supertankrun

Like I said in my review of Super Tank Run (which you can read here), this game was bought for something daft like £1 and put on for a laugh when I had friends round.

I had to go to work so left them all there playing it as they joked about how crap it looked, but when I came home a few hours later, it turned out they’d just left and had been playing turn-about for ages.

Highly addictive, great fun and has strong incidental music.

#27 – Pac-Man Championship Edition Deluxe (Xbox Live Arcade, 2010)pacmancedx

Everyone knows Pac-Man, surely?

You might scoff and think it’s old-hat, but the fact is that Pac-Man is so enduring because the gameplay is and always has been superb.

And Championship Edition Deluxe – with its huge variety of tables and game modes – is the definitive version.

#26 – Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)Mario_Kart_Wii

The beauty of Mario Kart games is that they are some of the most easy and fun games of all time to get into.

I’ll be honest and say that I can’t even remember the last time I played Mario Kart, but I know that if I had a go today it would be as fresh and enjoyable as it has ever been.

I wasn’t too keen on the wheel though; I preferred to play it with a Gamecube controller.

#25 – LEGO Games (Various)Legobatman2

I’m just going to lump all of these in together. I’ve played and enjoyed most of them, with their simplistic mechanics and charm and there’s no doubt it’s a winning formula.

The best of the bunch? Probably Lego Batman 2, which was not only challenging, but was from a genre I particularly like.

People say these games are best enjoyed multiplayer, but I think the single player is fine.

#24 – Saints Row 2 & 3 (Xbox 360, 2008 – 2011)Saints_Row_2_Game_Cover

Saints Row 4 is one of many titles still on my ever-expanding gaming backlog, but it’s one I definitely plan on playing considering  I enjoyed the previous two installments immensely.  The first one wasn’t up to much mind you.

Saints Row is what GTA should be. It ramps up the cheesiness and ridiculousness levels to the max and it also allows for a hell of a lot more customisation.

While GTA players have to make do with ultra-dull characters like Niko Bellic and Michael Di Santa, my Saints Row character is an obese Oriental dude with bouffant white hair, a Fu-Manchu moustache and a Ray Winstone accent.

I know who I’d rather play as…

#23 – Mario Strikers Charged (Nintento Wii, 2007)Mario_Strikers_Charged

Not as good as the original Mario Strikers on the Gamecube, this is still a top, top game.

I love arcadey versions of sports games, I love Nintendo and I love football (or Soccer for you Americans out there) so this is a perfect game for me.

The benefit of it is that it allows people like my brother – who’s not au-fait with football and therefore struggles to compete against hardened FIFA players like me and some of our friends – to compete on an even playing field.

Good, solid fun.Picross_DS

#22 – Picross DS (Nintendo DS, 2007)

One of my “Most Underrated Games of All Time”, Picross is one of those simple yet addictive masterpiece puzzle games.

What else can you say about it other than it’s clever, logical and engrossing.

#21 – Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? (Nintendo DS, 2006)untitled

One of the best uses of the Nintendo DS, and a genuinely clever game into the bargain.

Brain training games have perhaps been over-diluted now, but this – especially when played against your friends – was another classic that deserves its high inclusion on this list.

Game modes like the maths challenge saved me from boredom on many a flight and/or train journey over the years.

And most of all, it actually made me quicker thinking at stuff like that.

And One That Doesn’t Make It: FalloutFallout_3

Sorry, but as much as Bethesda’s other franchise rates highly on this list, Fallout doesn’t make it.

I know it’s a good game – indeed I know that it’s probably a great game – but I just can’t get into it.


Because of the lack of colour. A game needs to capture my attention, and part of that is the colourfulness of it.

The bleak post-apocalyptic Fallout is just not for me I’m afraid.


3 Responses to Stuart’s Top 100 Games of the Last Generation Part Ten: #30 – 21

  1. lukebbtt says:

    Shame. Fallout would have been very high on my personal list. As for Saints Row IV, it is a flawed game, but so much fun, you works really well.

  2. Slavin Ivanov says:

    Yup, the LEGO games are fun. Have you played the Indiana Jones ones? I’ve also spent many hours playing Lego Racers. Ah, the memories!

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