Meat Idol 2014 – Putting The Mega Burger Box To The Taste Test

Stuart Reviews Stuff is usually a blog for TV shows, Films and

But today I’m going to write about something different, based upon the requests I’ve been getting from people on my own personal Facebook page.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to buy a Deluxe Burger Box from the good people at

Let’s face it; if you go to the supermarket, the chances are your only choices are beef, venison, lamb or pork, so it was interesting for me to try some of the more unusual animals in burger form.

Every day I’d be one of these boring sods who’d post a status update about what I’d just eaten, and – whether people were taking the piss out of me or not – I was asked to come up with a ranking of the worst meat to the best.

So brace yourselves, because here comes the most exciting list you’ll ever read.

It’s….MEAT IDOL 2014!!!!!

15. Wagyu Beef: If you’re going to sell it on the basis that it’s the “Caviar Of Beef”, then it should be the nicest beef burger I’ve ever tasted. It wasn’t; it was plain and ordinary.Baby-Alpaca-l

14. Zebra: Again, this tasted just like beef, which surprised me. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t nice, but it’s not what I was expecting/hoping for.

13. Springbuck: Once more, this is down towards the bottom of the list because it lacked any sort of distinctive flavour.

12. Goat: A nice taste, a unique taste, but a tough meat. And that’s not what you’re looking for in a burger.

11. Wild Boar & Apple: No issues, but not exactly exotic.

10. Crocodile: You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a pork/bacon burger. Difficult to tell when it was fully cooked, but enjoyable nonetheless.

09: Bison: Lean, but tasty. Unlike the Wagyu Beef, you felt you were getting something extraordinary rather than just a variation on a cow.

08:  Kangaroo: A strong flavour and a bit gamey. Lovely.

07: Llama: Delightful. A distinctive, slightly sweet taste.

06: Alpaca: Unsurprisingly, a bit like a Llama, but with an understated extra depth to it.

05: Horse: Put it this way; people should have felt lucky to have this rather than beef in their Iceland and Tesco ready meals last year. Delicious.camel

04: Reindeer: I described it while I ate it as “A party in my mouth”

03: Camel: Fully flavoured and a lot softer and more succulent than you would imagine.

02: Elk: Fantastic. A Deep, strong and almost smokey flavour.

01: Rose Veal: This comes out on top because it had a great flavour, was juicy and crucially, was almost melt in the mouth soft. Superb.

So there you go. I’ve enjoyed eating all these burgers over the last couple of weeks, and – cooked on a George Foreman Grill – I also believe I’ve enjoyed a healthier diet as a result.

The Burger Box will set you back £59, and while that might seem a lot for burgers, there were 30 in all, and it kept two of us in food for a fortnight.

Definitely worth splashing out for, either just to try it or if you plan on having friends round in Barbeque season.


2 Responses to Meat Idol 2014 – Putting The Mega Burger Box To The Taste Test

  1. Paul Webb says:

    Thanks for your review Stuart, we totally agree with the Camel meat and Rose Veal, its delicious will work on the Wagyu Beef, it is very fatty and really more suited to a steak than a burger.

    • sgmilne says:


      My brother loved the Wagyu Burger, but I just felt it lacked flavour.

      We got some Wagyu Sirloin though in the order too, and that was top notch.

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