Movies: X-Men – Days of Future Past Review

In lieu of a lengthy introduction, let’s just say that it’s yet another Marvel Superhero film and yet another X-Men film and be done with it, shall we!

Actually, no, hold on a moment.

Watching the trailers before this started, I see that there’s yet another Transformers film on the way. Jeeeeeesus. I won’t be going to that!xmen

Anyway, let’s talk X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Movies: X-Men – Days of Future Past Review: What’s This One About?

At some point in a dystopian future, the “Modern” X-Men – i.e. the ones from the original trilogy of movies starring Patrick Stewart and Iain McKellan – are at the point of extinction at the hands of the Sentinels, an army of robots specially designed to hunt and kill Mutants. In a last gasp effort to change the past and save themselves – and I suppose the world as well – they use the superpowers of one of them to send the modern-day consciousness of Wolverine back into the mind of his 1973 self in the hope that he can enlist the help of the cast of X-Men First Class to stop the Sentinels from being created.

Or in other words “A Science Fiction Plot That My Mum Wouldn’t Understand”.

Movies: X-Men – Days of Future Past Review: Who’s In It?

As you might expect, all the key players from both X-Men franchises resume their roles.

Movies: X-Men – Days of Future Past Review: How Highly Is It Rated?

With a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.6 on imdb from over 104,000 votes and a Metacritic score of 74%, this is a generally well thought of production

Movies: X-Men – Days of Future Past Review: My Thoughts?

Quite clearly, one of the aims of Days of Future Past was to get as many X-Men characters from both movie franchises as possible some screen time.

They certainly achieved that.

But what was commendable about it though was that it didn’t hurt the plot at all. It didn’t just rely upon the gimmick of having both sets of characters in there, and instead of that, the storyline was actually pretty clever.

Now sure, as someone who has written almost 500,000 words on Doctor Who – a show about time travel – on this blog, then I imagine my enjoyment of the plot should come as no surprise, but even if its a subject matter that I like, it still has to have some substance to it, which it did.

And though it had the standard amount of impressive CGI special effects and fight scenes that you’d expect from a Marvel film, it didn’t sit back and rely on that like so many similar efforts from the same studio. Indeed, the big budget visual sequences actually had a point to them, and even the 3D was used in a way that aided my overall enjoyment. To be fair, that’s something Marvel has been getting right more often in 2014 than 2013.

So from that point of view, it was a success.

The acting was fine as well, but then I didn’t expect anything less.

But the movie wasn’t without its flaws.

To me, the situation the “Modern” X-Men found themselves didn’t ring true compared to what we saw of them in the first three films. It seemed far too dystopian, and convenient only to set up the time travel element. Also, if the Sentinels were created in 1973 and were almost ready to go back then, how come it took 40 – 50 years for the war to break out?

So that seemed a little bit daft, and so did the way that nothing Wolverine did up until the very end changed their future at all.

But maybe I’m just looking too deeply into it?

Movies: X-Men – Days of Future Past Review: Final Thoughts

Running at a reasonable 130 minutes, this is a movie that doesn’t drag, and for a Marvel sequel, the plot is – while not flawless – a fun and interesting one.

The cameos were cool, the special effects worked and acting was of a perfectly acceptable standard.

So I liked it and would recommend it.

For any future efforts though, I’d like to see them stick with the 1970s crew. To me, they are more interesting.


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