The 75 Game Challenge: Game #1 – AstroPop Deluxe

With the Steam Summer Sale over, I found myself shocked to discover that I have 75 unplayed games sitting in my Steam Library.

Like I said yesterday, the vast majority of these games are not high value efforts, and only a handful cost over £4 to buy, but that doesn’t excuse me not at least trying them.

So that’s what I’m planning on doing, and it starts with AstroPop Deluxe

Astropop Deluxe: What Is It?

A simple game from The PopCap Collection where you have to clear a number of lines of coloured bricks. You suck in a brick by clicking the left mouse button, and once you have at least four together, you release them by clicking the right Astropopmouse button. Then they “pop”. Each level gets progressively harder with new lines appearing at quicker intervals.

AstroPop Deluxe: How Much Did It Cost?

I got it as part of a £20-£30 collection of 35 games a few years back. Today it sells on its own for £4.25

Astropop Deluxe: How Long Did I Play It For?

30 Minutes


Well it’s pretty simple, and mildly fun.

Clearly though, this is the sort of game that would be better played on a mobile phone or tablet. On a PC with a mouse it just feels a wee bit clunky.

Bearing in mind this was made in 2006, it was probably a decent game back then, but has been surpassed by what is available – often for free – in 2014.

I’d say it’s the sort of game that I’d happily play again, but it also feels as though it’ll be instantly forgettable and will just sit in my library untouched.

I did get value from it though as part of that package. For £4.25 though it’s not worth your time or money.


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