BoJack Horseman Review (or “Is NetFlix’s New Original Comedy Worth Your Time?”)

Sitting at home with nothing to do after work last night, I put on Netflix, aiming to watch an episode of White Collar, but before I got the chance, I was hit with the advert for a new, animated NetFlix Original Series, BoJack Horseman.

Half way through the first episode, I tweeted that this dark comedy about a washed up TV star, voiced by Will Arnett – who happens to be a horse living in a world where animals and humans are like…well, like humans – didn’t have a laugh in it bojackand was actually a load of rubbish, and yet at the end of the first episode I decided to stick with it and watch the second one.

Now, less than 24 hours later, I’ve binge watched all 12 episodes and am writing a review of it.

That’s quite the turn-around.

I think what I liked about it – and let’s not get carried away here folks; I liked it but I’m not for a minute suggesting it’s amazing – was that it was a story told over the course of the entire series. That’s different to just about every animated comedy I’ve ever watched, where each episode is self-contained.

But by telling the story over that length of time, it allowed the characters to develop, for the comedy to vary and for a proper story to unfold

While laughs were at a premium – especially in the first episode, which might be enough to put people off giving the show a fair shake – and some of the set pieces weren’t exactly original (I’ve seen the “Character goes home to dysfunctional family for father’s funeral” plot done in at least three shows recently) the story was engrossing enough to give the show that “One More Episode” appeal.

That’s not to say it wasn’t funny though. Some of the characters – like the Penguin Publisher – and some of the set pieces – including the David Boreanaz house episode and the Navy Seal bit – were excellent.

BoJack Horseman Review: Should You Watch BoJack Horseman?

On the whole, I’d say this is worth at least trying.

It certainly helps that all 12 episodes are available instantaneously, as I think I’d have lost interest in this if I had to watch it over the course of three months. Instead, by being able to watch it over the course of a few sittings, I was able to enjoy it more.

I’d give it a thumbs up.



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