Movies: Into the Storm Review (or “Fails To Deliver The Gimmick”)

Into the Storm describes itself as a “Found Footage Disaster Movie”, but it’s not.

And if you were wanting to judge it on what it says it as rather than what it actually is, then you’d come away from it feeling a bit disappointed.

If the idea is that we’re watching a film that was pieced together by some documentary maker to bring to the screen the story of a freak tornado storm that hit the Oklahoman town of Silverton, then it fails to deliver.into the storm

From a directorial point of view, it seems to flip back and forth between spectacularly good “found footage” and standard invisible camera stuff. I do think they tried to cover it by suggesting there was a mute, unnamed character with them filming the whole time, but the idea is ridiculous. There were no camera wobbles or anything that would suggest this was anything other than a regularly filmed movie.

In a nutshell, Cloverfield, this is not.

And that’s a pity, because it takes away from what is an enjoyable disaster movie.

It moves along at pace, it never gets boring, the acting is of an acceptable standard and the special effects are as good as you would expect.

If I was to criticise the plot for anything though, it would be that you could spot a mile off which characters would die. It really was that predictable, even though a lot of those deaths ended up being spectacularly dumb.

But that’s a minor criticism; on the whole, if you ignore the failed “found footage camera” gimmickry, this is a fun movie that you can switch off your brain for 90 minutes and enjoy.

I’d say it was worth your time.


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