What We Did On Our Holiday Review (or “Outnumbered: The Movie”)

The problem with reviewing What We Did On Our Holiday is that to discuss it in great detail involves revealing a major plot development, and that wouldn’t be fair on people who haven’t seen it yet.

But I’ll try to do it as spoiler free as possible.

What We Did On Our Holiday Review: What’s It About?

A separated couple pretend to still be together when they go on a family holiday to the Scottish Highlands to visit the husband’s terminally ill father on his 75th birthday.

What We Did On Our Holiday Review: Who’s In It?

Containing a strong selection of actors like Billy Connolly, David Tennant, Ben Miller and current flavour of the month, Rosamond Pike, the real stars of the show are the three kids, whose names I can’t even find.

What We Did On Our Holiday Review: How Highly Is It Rated?

With 6.6% on imdb and general three star reviews across the board, I wasn’t expected that much from it.What-We-Did


You can sum up What We Did On Our Holiday review in five words…

It’s like Outnumbered: The Movie.

Written by the same guys who brought us that popular BBC sitcom, What We Did On Our Holiday basically puts a different family in an Outnumbered style situation.

So really, if you like Outnumbered – and by that, I mean the early seasons before the kids grew up and it lost its charm – then you’ll like this.

And I loved the early seasons of Outnumbered, so I was very much in my element here.

Now, this isn’t the sort of movie that could be described as “big budget”, because it’s not, and though I’ve seen some reviews be critical of that, I don’t really see why that should represent a problem. Why should a movie about a family travelling to Scotland need a big budget spent on it? That’s just criticism for criticism’s sake.

Nope, this is about the humour, the dialogue and the plot development, and it scores highly on all three counts for me.

Funny, absorbing, well acted and – dare I say this without coming across as twee – heartwarming, it didn’t outstay its welcome at 90 minutes long, and so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And I’d highly recommend it.

It’s just a shame I can’t go into more detail without ruining the plot for you all.

So go see it and enjoy it yourselves.

But if you don’t like Outnumbered, don’t bother.



One Response to What We Did On Our Holiday Review (or “Outnumbered: The Movie”)

  1. Steve says:

    Good review. If it’s got David Tennant in it then it must be good 🙂

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