Doctor Who – Dark Water Review (or “Not Yet Folks”)

No doubt you’re opening this expecting to read my review of Dark Water.SG_Cvr

But one thing you might have noticed about my reviews is that I review the stories as a whole.

Dark Water is only Part 1 of 2.

So not yet folks; you’ll have to wait a week until the finale has been transmitted to read my overall thoughts on this one (although I will say this; The Master is a woman? Uh oh)

But until then, a cheap plug…

After next week’s episode is transmitted (well..maybe within a few days of it) I’ll be releasing Stuart Reviews Doctor Who: Book Two – The Modern Era, but what’s most crucial about that is that it’ll be the one and only place to read the Stuart Reviews Doctor Who Colossal 257, where I rank every story from worst to best. Let’s just say it’ll differ ever so slightly from the most recent DWM fan poll.

So look out for that, and if you want to get a copy of my first book, you can either get it from Amazon or – as was the case this week with one reader who couldn’t access Amazon from their corner of the world – I can sell you a PDF copy directly.

See you back here next week.


2 Responses to Doctor Who – Dark Water Review (or “Not Yet Folks”)

  1. Perry Armstrong says:

    Between Pete Tyler, Clara’s dad (almost) and now Danny, it seems pedestrian safety (or lack thereof) is something of a recurring theme in the new series. Will Capaldi do an updated version of Pertwee’s ‘Splink’ campaign, perhaps?

  2. Christine says:

    Stuart, how do I get a PDF copy sold to me? We U.S. readers cannot buy the book on amazon

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