Stuart’s Movie Catchup – Tron Review (or “What The Hell Was That?!”)

Tron Review: What’s This One About?


Wanking material for early 1980s computer programming nerds?

Beyond that I just don’t know

Tron Review: How Well Does It Hold Up?tron

Probably worse than anything else made ever.

And that might not sound fair, but it is true. I can appreciate that at the time the CGI will have appeared groundbreaking and the computer programming terminology was much more relevant than it is now, but in 2014, everything about it is out of date.

Based on the standards of CGI we accept now, it looks unacceptable, and the general population’s understanding of computing and gaming has moved on so much that the stuff spoken about here may as well have been in a foreign language.

Tron Review: But Is It Entertaining?

No, it’s not.

I managed to fall asleep twice watching it. Once at 11pm at night after a long day’s work and then again between the hours of 9am and 10am. I can accept falling asleep last thing at night, but first thing in the morning? That takes some doing.

It’s essentially the movie version of a local anaesthetic. I’m still trying to emerge from my groggy state while I write this.

Even allowing for the confusing terminology, it’s still a crap script that has no flow to it at all. I’m not quite sure of the motivation of the mainframe or the guy who owns it in the real world, I didn’t understand why characters died and then with no explanation came back, the ending made no sense, and probably most confusingly, I didn’t get why it was even called Tron.

As far as I could see, Tron was a supporting character who didn’t actually do much. It’s like if Star Wars was called “Chewbacca” or The Lion King was called “The Adventures of Pumbaa”.

My feelings whilst watching Tron. What the hell was that?!

My feelings whilst watching Tron. What the hell was that?!

I think probably the most frustrating and unconvincing aspect of the whole thing was that the actors – dressed as they were in artificially discoloured dodgy grey t-shirts and ill-fitting body stockings – quite obviously didn’t have the first clue as to what the lines they were speaking meant and seemed uncomfortable throughout.

And when they don’t believe in it, you don’t believe in it either.

I can only imagine how confused and frustrated parents and grandparents were taking their kids to see this when it hit the big screen.

To give it some credit, the only scene that seemed decent was the one with the bikes; you know, the only scene anyone ever talks about in relation to Tron? But I suppose I appreciated that slightly because of its status in modern popular culture rather than its actual quality.

Apart from that, it’s a big, big thumbs down.

If you want to see a film like this that actually makes sense, watch the immeasurably better Wreck-It Ralph instead.

And if you want to experience how I felt watching Tron, watch this video…

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4 Responses to Stuart’s Movie Catchup – Tron Review (or “What The Hell Was That?!”)

  1. Slavin Ivanov says:

    Have you seen Highlander? The movie from 1986? I don’t advise watching the sequels, but I bet you’ve seen worse films, as this one proves.

  2. Flynn Sullivan says:

    Sorry you didn’t like it. Tron is a favorite of mine as it represents the 1980s video game culture very well and I loved the characters and the mismatched world.
    It’s true some of the scenes feel misplaced, but I didn’t get what you meant about random resurrection. I certainly didn’t see any.

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