Games: One Finger Death Punch Review

I’m all for variety in gaming, and having finished off the AAA title Far Cry 3 last weekend, I decided my next game should be something completely different.

So I took a look at my Steam Library to find a game I’d bought and not played yet (and believe me, there are plenty of them), and decided to try The Last Tinker: City of Colors, and when that turned out to be guff, I put on One Finger Death Punch instead.

One Finger Death Punch Review: The Statistics

Platform: PC (also available on Xbox Indie Games)
Game Type: Minimalistic Combat
Theme: You play as a ninja who must repel constant waves of attack to his left and right.
Scores: Full marks across the board, with the game getting ratings no lower than 9/10 in most places.

One Finger Death Punch Review: My Thoughts

In direct contrast to the sometimes over-complicated and drawn out nature of AAA gaming titles, One Finger Death Punch is simple, easy to play (yet hard to master) and 100% fun.2014-12-16_00001

With only two buttons – X to punch enemies on your left and B to attack the ones on your right – it’s a game that anyone can get the hang of with practice, but the key to it is that it has depth.

Rather than being a button mashing game, as the difficulty level increases and the variety of enemies and styles of attack change (for example, some enemies need to be hit more than once to die, while others will require a combination of X and B button taps to defeat) it becomes an exercise in concentration and skill. Missing your target and not hitting the button at the right time leaves you open to losing your own health, so you have to be careful.

And I love that sort of thing. No, it didn’t take me long to polish off the Student levels (there are harder options where enemies attack faster and in greater numbers) but I thoroughly enjoyed it while it lasted and it gave me more than enough bang for my buck on that single play-through.

And should I choose to, I can go back and replay it all over again without feeling like I’ve been there and done that already.

So with that said, if you have Steam or an Xbox 360, then you should absolutely give it a go.

You won’t regret it.




One Response to Games: One Finger Death Punch Review

  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    A rhythm game with amusing fisticuffs along with the beat? Count me in!

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