Movies – Cockneys vs Zombies Review (or “The Best Zombie Movie Ever”)

Let’s face it; while Netflix and Amazon Prime market themselves as having a great selection of movies, all you really get is a couple of big name titles and then scores and scores of bargain bin efforts that would usually be found on channels like Movies For Men and – back in the day – Granada Plus.

So when you decide to put on a random film from Amazon Prime on a Saturday night, you don’t expect much.

But as it turned out, I was very pleasantly surprised by Cockneys vs Zombies!

Movies – Cockneys vs Zombies Review: What’s It About?

If that’s not a self-explanatory title, I don’t know what is? It’s a Zombie invasion of the East End, and a small group of youngsters – in the middle of a bank robbery to find funds to save an old folks home – get caught upcockneys-vs-zombies-dvd-001 in it.

Cockneys vs Zombies Review: How Highly Is It Rated?

While a rating of 5.9 on imdb might put you off, you also must consider that it gets 4 stars on Amazon, 70% on Rotten Tomatoes and 4.4/5 from TimeOut Magazine.

Cockneys vs Zombies Review: Who’s In It?

The younger ones are played by the likes of Michelle Ryan, Rasmus Hardiker and Harry Treadaway, while actors such as Alan Ford, Richard Briers, Honor Blackman, Tony Selby and Dudley Sutton play the older ones.

So it’s actually got a strong cast.

My Thoughts

Zombie movies are formulaic, so you know what you’re getting in terms of a plot. At the same time, any comedy Zombie movie will also look to follow the pattern set by Shaun of the Dead.

But I’ll go on record and say that I think Cockneys vs Zombies is better than Shaun of the Dead; hell, I’ll go on record and say that it’s the best Zombie movie I’ve ever seen!

Why? Because not only is it well written – better written than most movies from this genre – it’s just so damned funny.

The humour and comic timing of the actors is spot on, but it’s more than that; it’s the dialogue and the delivery of it.

To me at least, there’s just something hysterical about lines like…

“Oi, Zombies! Get the fuck out of my East End”
“You can ‘av some an’ all, twinkletoes” 
“Come on you Zombie Slags”
“…and if I have to, I’ll round up ever nutter from Bermondsey to Camden Town and we’ll sort this out ourselves!” 

…and so on.

Hell, Danny Dyer has made a career out of acting like that, so a bunch of experienced actors larging it up like Dyer on acid will always go down a treat.

And what better way to finish it off than with a specially written Zombie song by Chas n Dave?

Honestly, this film was just so much fun to watch, and running at just 90 minutes – thats 90 consistently funny minutes by the way – it doesn’t out-stay its welcome.

If you’re like me, you’ll see the name of the film and just assume it’s crap, but it’s really not.

There’s no doubt about it; you should give it a go if you’re on Amazon Prime.

You won’t regret it.


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4 Responses to Movies – Cockneys vs Zombies Review (or “The Best Zombie Movie Ever”)

  1. FilmMunch says:

    Thanks for the review! 👍 Wyrmwood is pretty cool too…

  2. Jacob says:

    Hi, Stuart. Great review 🙂

    Could you please review ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ and ‘Memento’? They’re two of my favourite films ever, and I was just wondering what your thoughts were on them.


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