Movies – Spooks: The Greater Good Review (or ‘Spooks: The Greatest Hits’)

Like I just explained in my review of the Spooks TV series – which you can read here – sheer coincidence led to me finishing watching the show the day before the follow-up movie hit the cinemas.

So while most Spooks fans out there have had four years to mourn its loss from our screens and look forward to the movie, I’ve had less than 24 hours. Indeed, I had no idea it was even being made into a movie until last week.

To that end, with the TV series as fresh in my mind as possible, what did I think of Spooks: The Greater Good?

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Movies – Spooks: The Greater Good Review – What’s This One About?

  • An escaped Middle Eastern terrorist who plans on setting off a bomb in London!!
  • A CIA plot to undermine MI:5!!!!!
  • Sir Harry Pearce under suspicion!!!!!!!!!!
  • And a handsome young operative who helps save the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, this is Spooks: The Greatest Hits.

My Thoughts

It’s really quite simple; this came across like a random episode of Spooks. There was nothing hugely out of the ordinary about it apart from it looking like it was made on a higher budget (which made it look like

Peter Firth was obviously not deemed sexy enough to be on the cover.

Peter Firth was obviously not deemed sexy enough to be on the cover.

they’d moved offices and finally got a staff of more than 5 people).

And while you could say that’s an overly safe and unadventurous hand to play, it still works.

People who like Spooks will like this film.

I certainly enjoyed it, as it kept a strong pace throughout and had no obvious lulls, leading to an exciting – if not unpredictable – conclusion.

But there were a few aspects that could have been better.

For one thing, I have no idea how the disgraced Oliver Mace (Tim McInnerny) was not just back, but back as the head of MI:5. That didn’t make sense and they didn’t bother to explain it.

The other thing was that it could have included more characters from the show’s past. That’s quite difficult since most of them are dead but it would have been better for me – as someone who has just finished the show – if the character of Will was replaced by Dimitri. I know that Kit Harrington has name value as an actor, but he’s not especially better than the actor who played aforementioned Spook.

It was good to see Malcolm back though, even as a token gesture.

But returning to my issues with the TV show which I brought up that review, it seemed to me that – spoiler alert – the character of Erin Watts was brought back solely for the shock value of killing her off. The writers must have some undiagnosed blood-lust issues.

Thankfully Harry survived though, and with the movie finishing like just any random episode, there’s room for it to be brought back again on TV or on the big screen.

And I’d be happy enough if that was the case.


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