Tearaway: Unfolded Review (or “Charming But Devoid Of Challenge”)

Sometimes I think developers forget what makes a video game an actual game.

What’s involved in it? Is there a challenge? Is there a reason to make you want to play on?

And on what basis do reviewers consider a game worthy of praise or criticism?

Let’s take Tearaway: Unfolded as an example.

Every reviewer seems to love it, but the reasons given are that it looks great, it has innovative gameplay and it has a certain charm about it.tearaway

All of that is true, it really is, but is that what a game should be judged on?

While innovation like being able to create a gust of wind in the game by swiping your finger over the touchpad certainly makes optimum use out of the PS4 controller, that in itself does not make me want to play a game.

And if looks were what counted then Dragon’s Lair would still be one of the best games of all time 30 years later.

The problem with Tearaway: Unfolded is that it just seems like a very safe saunter through a world of paper played over a massive safety net.

There’s no difficulty to speak of and any time you do die you revert to a checkpoint from two seconds beforehand.

So really – and this is certainly not something unique to this game – rather than being challenging, it’s just an experience that you go through for as long as it takes to get to the end. And you will get to the end as long as you put the hours in. I did.

But then when I did get to the end, it said that I only completed 45%.

The reason for that is that the perceived value of this game includes these daft and unnecessary little side quests that very few people will be truly interested in.


Just like the lack of difficulty, that’s not a problem exclusive to this game, but is rather symptomatic of what modern video games are often like.

Well, anyway, apart from that there are some functional issues that it should be marked down for. On three seperate occasions, I found that I had to restart a section of the game due to glitches preventing me from going any further. Though we live in an era where games developers can continually update any problems, it still felt annoying.

I don’t just want to moan though; it did have its charms and despite my issues, I did get to the end.

But as a full price (or at least it was full price when I bought it; I’ve just checked and it’s not £12.99 two months later. For fuck’s sake!!!) game this doesn’t really cut the mustard.

One to avoid.


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