Movies – In The Heart of the Sea Review (or “One Day I’ll Remember Nobody Gets Swallowed By A Whale In Moby Dick”)

It occurred to me around an hour in to watching In The Heart of the Sea that I’d seen a dramatisation of Moby Dick before.

The BBC did a version of it called ‘The Whale’ back in Christmas 2013.

And then I remembered once again – much to my disappointment – that in Moby Dick, nobody ends up being swallowed by a giant whale. That’s the Bible story, Jonah and the

I wonder if I’ll fall into that trap again in a few years time?

Oh well.

Lack of being-swallowed-by-a-whale aside, this simply ends up being a retelling of the Moby Dick story, with the added twist that Herman Melville is hearing all about it from one of the survivors of the true story it’s based on.

Is it a good retelling of this story? Yes, I would say so. Apart from Chris Hemsworth’s painful attempt at an American accent, everything flows well, looks good and it doesn’t get boring.

Put simply, it does the job.

If you’re not familiar with the story of Moby Dick, then it’s definitely worth seeing, but if you’ve seen a dramatisation of it before, I’d perhaps suggest giving it a wide berth (look, a nautical term!) until it’s out on DVD.


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