Movies – Creed Review (or “A Worthy Addition To The Franchise”)

I love everything about the Rocky movies; the music, the fights, the training montages and the storylines, such as they are.

They are just honest, likeable films that should be staple viewing for any bloke.

So I was more than a little bit excited to go along to the new Rocky movie in everything but name, Creed.

Did it live up to my inevitable expectation?

Movies: Creed Review – What’s It About?

Apollo Creed’s bastard love child wants to become a professional boxer, and enlists an initially hesitant Rocky Balboa to train him. It inevitably ends in a boxing match against the world champion in – bizarrely – CreedGoodison Park, Liverpool.


Well I really enjoyed it, but that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

The thing about it though was that from a creative standpoint, it was fresh enough and interesting enough to justify the 133 minutes, and it didn’t drag in any way.. Rather than being another rags to riches storyline, it presented the young Creed as someone who came from a mostly privileged upbringing who has to prove himself against the shadow of his famous father. That’s at least a break from the norm in what is really just Rocky VII.

And the use of Rocky Balboa himself is good. He manages to play a major part in the movie without overshadowing Michael B. Jordan’s main character, and as always Sylvester Stallone is top-notch as the charmingly simple ex-prizefighter.

The music, while nowhere near as good as the soundtracks of Rocky III or especially Rocky IV, was also enjoyable, though it was only when they went back to variations on tracks like Going The Distance that I wanted to cheer.

I think what stood out the most though was the direction of the boxing matches. They were so immersive and dynamic that they made me feel as though I was in the ring with them as part of the action. I’m assuming that what the point, and they’ve done it brilliantly; I was enthralled.

If you’re not sure about Creed because you haven’t seen any of the previous Rocky movies (although it astounds me that there are such people out there), then don’t be. The person I went with hasn’t seen a single one of them, and she found no problem following the narrative or the characters.

Really, it’s just a brilliant addition to the franchise as well as a top-notch stand alone movie.

It starts my 2016 reviews on a high.

Hopefully it’s not all downhill from here…




3 Responses to Movies – Creed Review (or “A Worthy Addition To The Franchise”)

  1. Slavin says:

    If I am not mistaken, your blog is five years old now, so…
    Happy Birthday, Stuart Reviews Stuff!
    Mon Then!

  2. Doctor Puntastic says:

    Entertaining review, Stuart.

    Could you please review The Hateful Eight?

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