Movies – The Big Short Review (or ‘I Was Entertained And Educated’)


You would think that a movie about Hedge Fund Managers betting against the housing market wouldn’t be the most riveting of subjects, but in this case, the odds have been defied.

Having seen The Big Short – the movie about the run up to the 2008 banking crisis starring the likes of Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Brad Pitt – I came away from the cinema feeling not only entertained, but TheBigShortCSHeaderthat I’d learned something.

As much as I have a decent enough grasp on finance and the economy – I have an MA/Hons in Business Economics – the actual reasons for why it all went tits up was something I’d never really paid much attention to. Throughout The Big Short, it was explained in simple terms to give the viewer the chance to be able to keep up. So for example, to keep the viewer’s attention, they have Margot Robbie in a bubble bath explain the basics of  subprime mortgages, and later on a celebrity chef equates the grouping of this less than steady mortgages to reusing leftover fish in a stew the next day.

Now sure, that might be a little too simplistic, but it got the job done and allowed everyone to keep focussed and understand what was going on and why. From doing a bit of reading, it seems as though it’s a historically accurate account of what went on and is not sensationalised for the sake of art, which is to its credit.

So really, they turned what could possibly have been a dreary subject matter into something you could – pardon the pun – invest in.

If I was to take any issue with it, it’s that I find Steve Carell hard to take seriously; and believe me, we were supposed to take him seriously even though this had comic elements. Try as he might though, I just don’t think he can shake off the character of Michael Scott from The Office. Maybe that’s just me.

But that aside, The Big Short is an informative, educational and entertaining movie. You should go to see it.


2 Responses to Movies – The Big Short Review (or ‘I Was Entertained And Educated’)

  1. eileenholmesss says:

    Haha, love the investment pun! Great review- I’ve heard pretty solid reviews of this film all in all, and will definitely be checking it out 🙂 I’d love to talk to you about sharing your articles on, as well as some exciting opportunities we have coming up on the site. If you’re keen, shoot me an email at– thanks!

  2. Dan O. says:

    Deals with some very dry material, but still makes it accessible and entertaining for each and every person. Nice review.

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