Movies – Deadpool Review (or ‘R-Rated To The Point Of Oversaturation’)

The success of Deadpool is an interesting one.

Here’s a film – one in which Marvel’s rebel ‘hero’ Deadpool explains his origin to the viewers while trying to get revenge on the man who scarred him for life – that has dared to be different and break free from the cookie cutter Marvel Superhero movie mould, and boy do they make that obvious.

From the off it’s swearing, nudity, meta dialogue and toilet humour, and based on its opening weekend box office success – it’s made a lot more money than almost every other Marvel franchise except the Avengers,

Oh look, he's pointing to his crotch; how naughty.

Oh look, he’s pointing to his crotch; how naughty.

and it’s done it at a fraction of the cost – it seems as though the public at large want to see it. Certainly the cinema was as busy as I’d seen it in years when I went yesterday.

That’s both good and bad.

Other than Ant-Man, Marvel’s cinematic output has been the same for years and I think people are getting a little tired of it. In Deadpool they offer up a non kid-friendly R-Rated feast that openly takes the piss out of everything that’s come before it, and it does it with some style.

So that’s good.

What’s not so good is that it might well spawn a series of imitation films.

For you see, to me, Deadpool was like coming off a sensible and strict low-calorie diet and eating nothing but chocolate, sweets and junk food for a week. It starts off great but eventually it all gets a bit much.

And though I found it funny in parts, there came a saturation point where it began to get a bit wearing.

If I was a 15-year-old boy, I’d probably consider it the best movie I’d ever seen, but I’m not; I’m a 33-year-old man and swearing for the sake of swearing doesn’t have quite the same appeal as it once did.

You might think I’m coming across as a stick-in-the-mud by saying that, but I think my point is valid.

I just felt that by having the freedom to do or say what they wanted, the writers ended up using the R-Rating as a crutch rather than a way to make the best story possible.

Really, this is just a basic vigilante storyline – think of a comedy Death Wish rather than a Superhero flick – that tries that little bit too hard to be smart, and ends up suffering as a result.

As a one-off it was good enough and enjoyable up to a point – and I must mention that I thought Ryan Reynolds was top-notch as the lead – but I don’t think we need to see it spawn a number of imitators.

Sadly, I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen.






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