Movies – Hail, Caesar! Review (or ‘I Felt Like I Was In Purgatory’)

The mistake I made was going to see Hail, Caesar! based on the recommendation of someone who hadn’t actually watched it himself.

When you think about it, that’s not really a recommendation at all.

But I went, and I didn’t enjoy it.casuer

And the thing is, I really felt like I should have.

It’s got a strong cast, an interesting premise – it’s a story about a day in the life of a 1950s Hollywood Studio boss and how his work is full of farcical challenges created by his problematic contract stars – and it looks great with all the period costume and design.

But the script lets it down.

Not only are the different set pieces full of misfiring humour, but the pacing and amount of time given to some characters over others is also way off.

And most of all it was just dull.

Despite going to an 8pm showing, I actually lost interest to the point where I started to fall asleep after about an hour. But because the  seats in the cinema aren’t particularly comfortable and it’s obviously quite loud in there, I kept waking up every couple of minutes.

It felt like I was trapped in some kind of cinematic purgatory watching a crap movie that just never seemed to end.

Really, the only enjoyment I got out of the whole thing was sitting there asking myself “Who is that guy? I recognise him”. It turned out to be someone who appeared in an episode of Jonathan Creek.

And when that’s the only positive, then the experience was one to be forgotten.





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