Movies: Green Room Review (or ‘Starring Patrick Stewart, The Neo Nazi Dressed As A Perthshire Farmer’)

Green Room is undoubtedly the product of a disturbed mind.

Why anyone would suddenly be inspired to write a movie about a punk rock band getting caught up in a murder cover-up at a concert at a Neo-Nazi rally is beyond room

Similarly beyond me is how they came up with the idea that the leader of the Neo-Nazis would be Patrick Stewart dressed up like a Perthshire farmer.

It’s just bizarre.

And it’s also gruesome; very gruesome.

With scenes involving the likes of Staffordshire Terriers ripping people’s’ throats out, fat blokes being cut open from the stomach with box cutters and a young guy getting his arm sliced to pieces, this is not for the faint hearted.

But is it a good film?

Well it’s ok. The characters are all believably cast and there’s a definite tension in the actors’ performances, but it also felt a bit light to me. Not light-hearted of course, but rather light on substance.

I think perhaps that once they decided upon the major set-piece of the movie – that the band would be trapped inside the Green Room at the gig while the Nazis plot to kill them and blame them for the murder they stumbled upon – they didn’t bother to do enough to make it interesting.

What I would give it credit for though is the element of unpredictability regarding who gets killed off and when.

But my overriding annoyance from it all was the way they treated the dogs. Now I do not like dogs, and find it absolutely baffling that people are allowed to own and train ones that can so easily kill a human. The dog in this film killed more than once, but its final appearance was lying down alongside its dead master, as if we were supposed to say ‘Awww, the poor wee dog’ rather than hope it got its comeuppance.


Anyway, this won’t be out for a full cinematic release for another couple of weeks, but when it does, I reckon fans of gore will love it, while anyone wanting to see a good story might be best served saving their money.


One Response to Movies: Green Room Review (or ‘Starring Patrick Stewart, The Neo Nazi Dressed As A Perthshire Farmer’)

  1. Thank you for this review! My husband and I write reviews as Screen Zealots and I hated the movie for the reasons you name above. He loved the movie. So go figure! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the film.

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