Movies – Captain America: Civil War Review

To quote a football manager looking to excuse a defeat on a Saturday afternoon, the difference between success and failure can come down to fine margins.

Those fine margins are crucial when determining whether Captain America: Civil War is a good movie or not.civil war

As a story it’s pretty average, it seems to rely upon fight scene after fight scene with no real consequences (no Superheroes were harmed in the making of this movie) and there’s no major enemy or threat to speak of.

But the inclusion of Spider-Man and Ant-Man make the difference.

The scenes with them add good humour and dynamism and make you feel as though they’ve finally got Spider-Man spot on.

You might think that’s a very small thing to make a difference, but like I say, it’s all down to those fine margins.

When they appeared it was great.

Without them – and especially in the 15 minutes before they appeared – I was almost falling asleep.

On balance then, I would say that it’s just good enough to recommend.

But only just.

AndĀ let’s have no more Iron Man or Captain America centric stuff please.




4 Responses to Movies – Captain America: Civil War Review

  1. swanpride says:

    Quite a dick move to put a spoiler in the HEADLINE of your review. Just saying.

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