Movies – The Jungle Book Review (or ‘A Very Po-Faced Review Of A Disney Classic’)

To write a review of The Jungle Book seems pretty pointless; let’s be honest, you all know the 1967 version and will have long since made up your mind whether you like it or not.the_jungle_book_poster_key_art

So I won’t waste much time here; this is purely for posterity and for my own record keeping.

I like it, it looks great, the CGI is as advanced as you’d expect and the plot is actually a little bit deeper than the animation.

My only issue with it is a very po-faced one.

I find it hard to take a movie where animals talk seriously.

An animation is fine, but a live action movie with a ‘real’ lion talking with the voice of Idris Elba? It’s daft.

Also slightly daft was the way it almost entirely avoided music until the scene with King Louie where he bursts into song. It’s like they couldn’t find any other way to let that part of the movie pan out.

Ach well.



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