Movies: X-Men Apocalypse Review (or ‘How Professor X Lost His Hair’)

If I’ve learned one thing from watching X-Men Apocalypse, it’s that you shouldn’t bother reading reviews. (What a great line to start a review with).

I tend not to do that before going to see a movie anyway, but I couldn’t help but notice that the latest instalment in the Marvel franchise had been getting some pretty low scores, with only 47% and 52% on Rottenxmen Tomatoes and Metacritic respectively.

That didn’t bode well, especially when percentages on superhero movies tend to skew higher anyway because of the fanboy vote, but I’ve enjoyed every other X-Men movie so I wasn’t to be swayed.

And I’m glad I wasn’t, because despite the negativity surrounding it, X-Men Apocalypse is comfortably the best superhero movie I’ve seen for a while.

The reason for that was because it didn’t try to be anything other than what it is; a movie about superheroes.

And there are lots of superheroes (and villains) in this, all working together with their interesting, differing abilities and wacky costumes to allow for some mindless escapism.

It doesn’t try to be deep like Civil War or too snarky like Deadpool and yet at the same time it has enough story to justify its length – which is a big thing considering it lasts 144 mins – and doesn’t revert to a final hour dedicated entirely to an enormous CGI fight scene.

I liked that a lot.

In fact, I struggle to understand any dislike for it.

So give it a chance.


One Response to Movies: X-Men Apocalypse Review (or ‘How Professor X Lost His Hair’)

  1. Luke Cross says:

    I think this is the first time I have outright disagreed with your opinion int eh few days ive been reading your opinions.

    I didn’t read any reviews before seeing it (and im not a movie goer, so I managed to avoid them for about 6 months after it had been released before I finally caught up).

    All I had was my own expectations and hype for Apocalypse,a nd knowing that the first class series of Xmen movies were brilliant.

    This movie was such a bore. A complete let down. I struggled with it. It was on par with the rebooted spiderman films, in that it felt overstuffed with characters, the plotholes were wide enough to drive semis through.

    I wish Sony and Fox would relenquish the rights to these characters back to Disney. Or at least share them, as they did with Spiderman who seems absolutely perfect and after being let down with the last two spiderman movies I am SO EAGER for the new one.

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