Movies: Money Monster Review

I enjoyed Money Monster.

But then I have a penchant for enjoying movies presented in real-time as I think they are often more dramatic, they move along at a brisk pace and there are very rarely any lulls. Also – and this is often key to COL_BILL_TEMPLATE_21whether I like a film or not – they don’t out-stay their welcome.

Money Monster ticks all these boxes, while also presenting a scenario – the hijacking of a live finance TV show by a guy who lost his savings on stock tip gone bad – that perked my interest.

Now those three paragraphs are enough to justify a recommendation, but there’s a bit more to it than that. What I found most enjoyable about Money Monster was the way it had a streak of dark humour running through it. You wouldn’t think a hijacking could be funny unless it was deliberately played in a stupid way, but this manages it. I think that’s down to the characterisation of George Clooney’s obnoxious TV host character Lee Gates and Clooney’s performance. It was believable, and so was the way the viewing public reacted to the events.

The only thing not so believable was having Gus from Breaking Bad play a good guy; I wasn’t having that for a second.

I’ve read some people suggest Money Monster should be criticised for not doing enough to explain the way the stock market works, but honestly, I don’t care about stuff like that. In the case of Money Monster, I went along to be entertained, not educated.

And I was definitely entertained.


One Response to Movies: Money Monster Review

  1. arena23 says:

    I really like your review! I quite enjoyed this film.
    You can check out my review of it too if you like 🙂
    Thanks :))

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