Stuart’s Steam Summer Sale Recommendations

There’s this belief that people just waste their money in the Steam Summer Sale.

Let’s be honest; that’s probably true. I know that in the past I’ve bought games without much thought because they are going cheap and then have either never played them or played them once and realised they weren’t for me. Certainly for me the Flash Sales resulted in me panic buying.

The good news this year is that everything that’s on sale will stay at their reduced price for the duration of the event, meaning you can take your time deciding what to buy.

And while it might be that you purchase a game for £3 on a whim and don’t like it, who really cares? Think of it like this; a couple of months ago I bought Dirt Rally for the PS4 for £42. I didn’t like it and despite trying a few times to get some utility out of it, I soon threw in the towel and uninstalled it. Earlier this week, I bought 7 games and a DLC pack from Steam for £21. I’ve already played some of these games for longer than Dirt.

So on that note, here are some games that I think are safe bets for anyone who likes gaming.

BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien: £2.19 (80% off)

This is a side scrolling platform style running game where you have to jump, slide and burst through obstacles in time with the rhythm of the game’s sound track.

It looks good, it’s colourful and it’ll take up around 9 hours of your time based on how long it took me to complete. Like everything else on my list, it’s a bargain.

Civilization V – The Complete Edition – £8.06 (92% off)

Unquestionably the greatest bang for your buck in the Steam sale comes from the complete edition of Civilization 5.civ5

Along with the bare bones game, you get the Brave New World and Gods & Kings expansion packs and all the other scenarios. It turns out to be a saving of almost £90.

I’ve always considered the Civ series as one where I’ll play it non stop for a weekend and then not return to it for about a year, and at that price, it’s definitely worth it.

My only note of caution would be that you need a decent PC to be able to run it. If you don’t have that, why not buy the complete Civ 4 for £3.74?

Cook, Serve, Delicious! – £1.74 (75% off)

You run a restaurant, choose the menu, buy different types of food and then you have to cook and serve it to customers either using your keyboard or with the click of the mouse.

The aim is to turn your restaurant into a 5 star establishment.

It’s addictive and challenging, but good fun.

FTL: Faster Than Light – £2.09 (70% off)

You take charge of a spaceship and try to get it as far across the galaxy before it inevitably gets destroyed by asteroids, fires or space pirates.ftl

It’s a ‘roguelike’ game which means you play until you die and then you start again with a new randomly generated map.

Great for a quick game now and again.

LEGO… (33% – 75% off)

Whether it’s Batman, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars or The Hobbit, there’s probably a LEGO game out there for you.

And most of them are currently on sale for £3.74.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ – £1.99 (75% off)

I’m going to assume you know what Pac-Man is.

This is pretty much the definitive version and it’s available for a mere £1.99 at the moment.

Buy it now, thank me later.

Papers, Please – £3.49 (50% off)

You might think that a game where you play as a guard at a Soviet border checkpoint wouldn’t be that much fun, but then you’d be wrong.

Garnering praise from all corners, this is a surprisingly deep, wonderfully written and executed PC gem.

Party Hard – £2.59 (75% off)

Most of the games on this list are ones that generally review well, and if I’m honest are games that I’ve bought on the strength of hearing that they are good.partyhard

But I bought Party Hard in spite of mediocre reviews because the premise seemed interesting.

Basically you play as a guy who goes to various parties and must kill everyone there without being caught. You need stealth and patience, and it can be frustrating to have to try 100 times to beat a certain level, but I really enjoyed it.

Pinball FX 2

The best pinball game out there, this is all about buying the right table for you. And right now, most tables are available for at least 75% off.

Trying to beat your own score is one thing, but for me the fun in Pinball FX 2 is competing against my friends for the best score.

So whether it’s Family Guy, Star Wars, Marvel or any other themed table you’d be interested in, buy some now convince a friend to as well.

Plants vs Zombies GOTY Edition – £1.06 (75% off)

It’s over 7 years old now and the chances are you’ve played it, but just incase you haven’t, this charming Tower Defence strategy game is available for just over a quid.

And you can’t say fairer than that.

RISK Factions – £1.99 (75% off)

It’s the classic board game brought to your PC, but with a story mode and bit of a modern spruce up.

You can play through the single player mode on your own if you want and you’ll still get more than your money’s worth, but I reckon playing it with friends either at home or online would be even better.

SpeedRunners – £2.74 (75% off)speedrunners

I only just bought this game today but I feel strongly enough about it to recommend it to you.

It’s a running racing game where you must overcome obstacles to get far enough ahead of the other players to knock them off the screen; a bit like the old Micro Machines games I suppose.

It’s fast, it’s stylish and it’s fun.

Like most games on the list you can play it on your own or with friends.

Worms Reloaded: Game of the Year Edition – £2.84 (85% off)

Leaving probably the best for last, this is the definitive version of the long running Worms Franchise.

It’s six years old now, but every version of the game that has come out since has paled in comparison to this, as Team 17 try to make it more modern or 3D.

Worms doesn’t need that; it needs colourful, cartoonish 2D graphics and simple varied game modes.

That’s what Reloaded gives you.

The sum total of these 13 games I’ve recommended comes to £36.26. Dirt Rally on the PS4 costs £38.99.

I know what I’d rather spend my money on…

Have you got any recommendation? Let me know.


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