Stuart Reviews Restaurants: Wee Mexico (Perth Rd, Dundee)

As a new feature for Stuart Reviews Stuff, I’ve decided to start doing restaurant/takeaway reviews.

The point of them isn’t to be harsh – because I feel some people only bother to review things to complain – but rather to simply share my thoughts. I reckon most of the time I’ll end up being complimentary as it’s very rare that I find myself disappointed by food.

Anyway, the first review will be for a new restaurant/takeaway that’s only just opened on the Perth Road in Dundee today, Wee Mexico.

Seeing as it was their very first day of business, I was expecting it to be mayhem, but I was hungry and keen on trying it so decided to brave the potential line. And though one of the staff standing outside the

The Burrito didn't come in fancy packaging but was a good size, filling and tasty.

The Burrito didn’t come in fancy packaging but was a good size, filling and tasty.

door couldn’t have made it more obvious that he thought I should come back later “to avoid a wait”, I’d already paid for my parking so I wasn’t to be deterred.

And I’m glad I wasn’t.

The idea behind the restaurant is that it offers simple Mexican street food, with no table service – although you can sit in if you want – or fancy packaging. Among the wide selection of tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas – and it should be noted that they also offer a wide range of vegan and gluten-free options, which is fantastic –  I elected to go for The Grand Burrito, containing beef, salad, refried beans, salsa and all the other usual trimmings at a cost of £3.50.

I’ve got to say that I was most impressed, especially with the price.

I love the nearby takeaway, Jushi, but £3.50 would only get me a couple of bits of sushi at best, and certainly not enough to satisfy an empty stomach,

This burrito was tasty and filling and was very quickly wolfed down.

If I was to have an issue, it would be that it had a wee bit of a kick to it and while I get that Mexican food does need some heat, it might put off the likes of my girlfriend who would only want the mildest of food going. I believe that they plan to offer a variety of heat levels and maybe it was just an opening day oversight, but the choice would be nice.

I’ll certainly try Wee Mexico again though, and look forward to a speedier service.



4 Responses to Stuart Reviews Restaurants: Wee Mexico (Perth Rd, Dundee)

  1. Flynn Sullivan says:

    Pulling a Gordon Ramsay on us, eh? 😀

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