Movies: Nerve Review (or ‘I Didn’t Fall Asleep!’)

When you’re a 33-year-old man who gets up early every morning for work, going to a cinema showing that starts after 8pm night carries with it the risk of falling asleep. That’s what happened to me a few weeks ago when I went to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie; I saw so little of it that it wasn’t even worth writing a review.

So I wasn’t holding out much hope when I went to a 10pm showing of Nerve – a movie about a girl who takes part in a social media game where increasingly risky dares are rewarded with sizeable cash prizes by thenerve people watching her play online – that I would stay awake.

And yet I did.

Running at only 96 minutes – and therefore never outstaying its welcome – Nerve kept my full attention the entire time.

Why? Because it was something a bit different.

Relevant to the age in which we live, Nerve told a fast paced and interesting story that was both well acted and directed.

My main take-home thoughts from it though were two-fold.

  1. While 25-year-old Emma Roberts could just about pass for a 17-year-old girl, 27-year-old Orange is the New Black’s Kimoko Glenn absolutely could not. It was a bizarre piece of casting. Why directors can’t just hire age appropriate actors – especially for supporting roles – I do not know.
  2. The ending was a bit naff.

Now if you don’t want any spoilers, stop reading from here on in…

My problem with the ending was that in a bid to make a statement about the way people behave on social media, it made it seem very worthy and unrealistic.

Yes, people can act like voyeurs on the internet and have a certain level of dissociation with that they are watching so that they find humour or entertainment in the misfortune of others, but if they were really given the option to decide whether a 17-year-old lives or dies then they would click ‘No’.

For everyone to decide that Emma Roberts’ character should be killed off was ridiculous, just like it was ridiculous that they only realised the error of their ways when an icon came up onto their phones saying that they were accessories to murder.

Are the general population that psychotic and stupid? I doubt it.

So that ruined the ending a bit, but still, apart from that I really enjoyed it and would happily recommend going to see it.

It’s definitely worth your time.


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