Movies – Deepwater Horizon Review (or ‘A Disaster Movie Without Distractions’)

The main strength of Deepwater Horizon – the movie based upon the 2010 explosion and oil spill at the rig of the same name – is its basis in reality.

What I mean by that is although I’m sure certain liberties were taken in the telling of events to make for a better story, there are no unnecessary sub plots about teenagers falling in love or an estranged couple deepwater_horizon_filmgetting back together because events have made them realise they can’t live without each other; this is all about the disaster and that’s it.

And that’s good; that’s what I want.

I haven’t seen Titanic since it was first on the cinema because I can’t be doing with watching two hours of unrelated nonsense with Kate & Leo before the good stuff happens. When I go to a disaster movie, I want it to actually focus on the disaster.

And that’s what Deepwater Horizon does with aplomb.

That’s helped by two other strengths. The first is the location filming – set as it is on what appears to be an actual working rig – which adds authenticity.

The second is the cast.

Though the two poster stars – Mark Wahlberg and Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez – are fine, the real MVPs are Hollywood veterans Kurt “I Suddenly Look Ancient” Russell and John Malkovic. Both are absolutely fantastic in their roles. And hey, it’s got Buddy Garrity  from Friday Night Lights in it too, which is always a good thing.

Running at 107 minutes, Deepwater Horizon moves at a brisk pace and thankfully never lulls or outstays its welcome. I really enjoyed it, and happily give it my seal of approval.



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