Movies: Death Note Review (or “A Fun Movie When There’s Nothing Else On”)

A random pick on NetFlix this evening led us to watching Death Note, an original movie – based on a Japanese manga series of the same name – from the streaming company about a schoolboy given possession of a notebook where all he has to do is write down someone’s name and they die.

A quick google search will find that this is not a particularly highly rated movie, with a 4.6/10 on imdb and a 39% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and yet it did get a recommendation from Digital Spy’s ‘New On Netflix’ article.

So either manga fanboys dislike it because it’s different to the source material, or this really is a marmite type effort where most people will either love it or hate it.

Personally, I liked it.

Now sure, this is not a movie that will win any Oscars for any aspect of its development – the acting is so-so, the dialogue is corny, the special effects are dated and the plot involves oodles of exposition and some rather presumptuous leaps to keep things moving along – and yet it’s fun.

This is the sort of movie you’d enjoy if you liked Final Destination or The Butterfly Effect.

It’s not worthy, it’s not trying to get above its own station and it probably knows that some people will think it’s crap.

But it’s a nice idea for a story, it moves along at a reasonable pace and even though it got a little bit confusing towards the end, it kept me entertained.

Put simply, it is what it is; a NetFlix movie designed to be watched on the couch when you’ve got nothing better to do.

It wouldn’t be a waste of your time to give it a go.

I’d rather watch this again than Detroit.


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